October 29, 2012

Sew: Butterick 3597 Pencil Skirt

The completion of Butterick 3597 in the remaining blueberry ponti creates the "Peplum Dress" that I was after. The top is Vogue 8815 that I made a few weeks ago. I thought that separates would be more versatile as I can wear the individual items separately. I plan on making a black top to go with the blue skirt and I wear the blue peplum with a black pair of capri pants with wedge heels.

This ponti is a dream to sew with. It is beautiful and soft. Plus I adore the colour. I'd love some orange ponti.

Project Details
Pattern: Butterick 3597
Fabric: Blueberry Ponti from Tessuti Fabrics
Alterations: tapered skirt in for a more pencil skirt effect, added a lining

I am slowly pulling my work wardrobe together.

L x
October 28, 2012

Sew: Vogue 8815 Floral Peplum


A very floral and pretty top for spring. This is the most comfortable and fancy "t-shirt" I have ever worn. As the top was made in a lovely soft and lightweight ponti knit it feels like wearing a t-shirt but a bit dressier. After seeing Colette's version of this pattern, I couldn't stop thinking about the red version and finally succumbed.


This time around I used the pattern sleeves, simply shortened by 5cm, and I did not line this version. I also followed the instructions and used bias binding on the neckline. I was a little worried how this would work out but it worked just fine.

Project Details
Pattern: Vogue 8815
Fabric: Red Mazzetto Ponti (Digital Printed) from Tessuti Fabrics
Alterations: Size 16 at top graded to size 18 at waist, shortened sleeves by 5cm, lowered the bust darts by 2.5cm

For the first time ever yesterday, I was spotted in the street and recognised as "Sew Brunswick". It was quite funny and surreal.

I have another version of this top cut out and ready to go. Next up a red & white polka dot without sleeves.
L x
October 25, 2012

Sew: Colette Hazel Dress FAIL

The dreaded hanger shot. The Colette Hazel Dress and I are not friends. I shouldn't be too harsh as I think it is mainly due to the fabric and not the pattern. The fabric is quite a stiff poplin that I bought in Japan last year. It is not nice fabric and I've become accustomed to nice fabric. The fit issues are mainly with the bodice darts but I don't love it enough to unpick it and attempt to fix it.

You win some, you lose some.

I'm willing to try again in a nicer, softer fabric. I even bought some Japanese cotton voile yesterday when I popped in to Rathdowne Fabrics for notion supplies. We will see how that goes.

Have you tried the Colette Hazel dress? What's your opinion?

L x
October 24, 2012

Sew: Denim Simplicity 2250 Jacket


After the success of my first Simplicity 2250 Jacket, I was keen to make another fast! I decided on a denim version to be worn casually with my many floral dresses and skirts. I pilfered some denim from the boys' stash and was on my merry way.

Project Details
Pattern: Simplicity 2250
Fabric: Indy Dark Denim 6GSM Light Weight Denim from Kelani Fabrics
Alterations: Size 18, removed 2.5cm from centreback seam at neckline grading down to nothing at the middle back, bound seams with purple floral bias binding, inserted shoulder pads and sleeve heads

The last version is a little big all over but particularly across the top back, so I removed 2.5cm from the centre back. I also made a smaller size this time but didn't alter the seams for a more fitted shape. I wanted to keep this jacket casual and loose. I did try my hand at sleeve heads and am very pleased with the final result.

A great casual but classic style jacket for summer.

L x
October 21, 2012

Sew: Vogue 1250

I wear my first Vogue 1250 so much that I thought I'd make another. This is such a quick and easy project. I feel another, more summery version coming soon...  


Project Details
Pattern: DKNY Vogue 1250
Fabric: Mystery Girl Italian printed Viscose/Elastane Jersey from Tessuti
Alterations: 4cm swayback adjustment, lengthened 7.5cm and double cowl neck

The fit at the back is much better this time around as I did a swayback adjustment on the pattern piece before cutting the fabric. On advice from my mother I doubled the cowl to prevent the wrong side of the fabric showing.

This pattern needs a really drapey knit fabric and I do prefer the fabric on the first version better as it is more slinky and better for layering in this Melbourne climate. I do love this happy floral version nonetheless.
If you have a few spare hours, I highly suggest this pattern! It is an absolute winner.
L x
October 19, 2012

Snap: My week

1. My overlocker is finally playing up & I'm in the market for a new one 2. New Iris shorts waiting for warm weather 3. Friday afternoon drinks on the front porch 4. My garden is finally taking shape after 6 years 5. Lounge room floor most days 6. Love my new sandals 7. Mr N resting after his surgery 8. Denim jacket in progress 9. New spectacles!
October 16, 2012

Help: Pattern to Fabric match

Help?! I can't decide what pattern to use for these two pieces of fabric. Any suggestions would be great. Big 4 or independent, doesn't matter.

First up we have a vibrant red floral sheer polyester fabric from Spotlight. I purchased 4 metres as I had no idea what I would make but I loved it. I'm thinking a sundress with possibly a wrap or v-neck and a few ruffles somewhere. Any suggestions?
The black and white stripe is a ponti knit that is destined for a pencil skirt. 
Next we have a large piece (probably 3-4 metres) of an Echino border print that I've had in my stash for a few years. I am determined to use this for summer as I really love it and want to wear it. I am thinking a fitted dress with wide shoulder straps. I had my heart set on the Lily dress pattern from Colette but there a too many panels for a border print.  I have Vogue 8184 in my stash and am thinking I could get a similar look without the panels using view F. What do you think? The fabric is a linen cotton blend which is quite heavy and stiff. Too heavy for a Colette Hazel. Any other suggestions?
Thanks in advance!
L x

October 15, 2012

Sew: Colette Patterns Iris Shorts

Due to the fact that I am a farmer's daughter, let's talk about the weather!! On Thursday, Melbourne didn't reach 12 degrees. Yesterday and today were sunny and well over 20 degrees. Tropical!! Time to pull out the shorts.

These shorts have been hanging on my sewing room door for well over a week waiting for some warm weather and sunshine. True to their word, these shorts were quick and simple to sew up, taking only a few enjoyable hours. I made a straight size 16 with no fit alterations. I extended the length by 10cm as I wasn't sure about wearing shorts, let alone short shorts. I think they turned out nicely.

I did make the pockets according to the instructions but once finished they drove me nuts. I do not need any more bulk in my lower tummy region (thank you Mr N & Mr H!) and I was always fiddling with the pockets to make them sit flat. I ended up simply overlocking the pockets off but leaving the opening to create a faux pocket detail.

Project Details
Pattern: Colette Patterns Iris Shorts
Fabric: Echino Polka Dot Fuschia Pink 85% cotton & 15% linen from Kelani Fabrics
Alterations: lengthened shorts by 10cm and used a 5cm hem, no fit adjustments

These shorts will be perfect for outings with my boys on warm summer days. I am planning two more pairs in a dark denim and a natural linen.

Perfect with my new Saltwater Sandals! 

L x

October 14, 2012

Conclude: KCWC Spring 2012


After 7 days of sewing for my boys, I am exhausted, totally over threading elastic and my hands are stained blue from excessive amounts of dark denim.

Here's a tally of my KCWC efforts:

Mr N
  • 1 x denim Burda 9793 shorts
  • 3 x mixed Kwik Sew 3149 shorts
  • 2 x denim Burda 9793 pants (need elastic)
Mr H
  • 2 x denim Big Butt Baby pants
  • 2 x denim Kwik Sew 3149 pants
  • 3 x mixed Kwik Sew 3149 shorts
Cut out & ready for different thread in machine
  • 1 x grey hoodie with navy trim
  • 4 x printed Kwik Sew 3149 boxer shorts
  • 1 x Kwik Sew 3149 t-shirt
  • 2 x grey drill Burda 9793 shorts
All the denim was from my favourite denim supplier, Kelani Fabrics. I love the denim they have available and I even use it for myself and for homewares. The cotton prints are from good old Spotlight & Lincraft. The boys chose them!

I still have 4 metres of denim to cut out for Mr N's pants. He loves denim pants that are soft and worn. He refuses to wear any other pants, including 4 pairs of perfectly fine navy cord pants. His current set are getting too short. I have discovered the trick of including a 10cm hem which I roll up twice in 5cm sections and hem with a basting stitch. When his socks start showing, I let them down one 5cm section. When his socks show again I let them down 4cm and leave a 1cm hem. This gives me time to make a new set...

Mr H did really well in this KCWC. As he is the second child he hasn't needed many clothes until now. The hand-me-downs are very worn or I altered them (pants into shorts) for Mr N at the time. So it was time for Mr H to get some new stuff and stop looking like a hand-me-down kid.

I also cut out another Vogue 1250, Simplicity 2250 jacket and the Colette Hazel dress in a border print. Bring on some selfish sewing!!

How did everyone else go with KCWC? I thought it was great motivation to sew for the boys and get them ready for Spring & Summer. I probably just need 2 weeks...

L x

October 12, 2012

Update: KCWC Progress

5 days in to the Kids Clothes Week Challenge I have completed 8 pairs of pants & shorts. Phew! Plus I have another 8 pairs cut out and ready to be sewn up. It is very cold here in Melbourne so the shorts will not be worn any time soon.

Mr H was very happy with his new pants. Mr N is waiting patiently for his.

I also popped in to Lincraft yesterday and picked up a few metres of fleece to make Mr H some lightweight jumpers. He is a bit of an undresser so needs a few jumpers with no zips. Anyone got any plain hoodie pattern suggestions? I couldn't find a simple pattern. Everything is a bit too fancy. I was going to wing it from a tshirt pattern and a few RTW hoodies.

Project Details
Pattern: Kwik Sew 3149
Fabric: Lightweight denim from Kelani Fabrics (love this denim!)

This Kwik Sew pattern is an absolute winner. I've used it extensively throughout the last 4 years for both boys. It includes pants, shorts and a t-shirt pattern. Very handy.

In other news, since it is kid week, Mr N is going in next Tuesday for a service. Tonsils, adenoids and excessive ear wax is being removed. Wish me him luck! And poor Mr H has just been diagnosed with severe long sightedness and subsequent squint, so we've spent the day going from the ophthalmologist to the optometrist. Any suggestions on how to get a not-quite two year old to wear glasses?! Help!

What a week?! Now where are the bubbles?! The drink type, not the bath type...

L x
October 08, 2012

Sew: New Look 6000


Not much to report about this dress. Except for the fact that black is really, really hard to photograph yourself...

I used the same black ponti knit from Rathdowne Fabrics as my Simplicity 2250 jacket and Vogue 8787 dress. I bought 4 metres for the two original projects but managed to squeeze an extra dress out of it as well.

Due to my fabric restriction, I used New Look 6000 without the pleats and opted for half length sleeves. I was going for a casual "t-shirt" shift dress, like the ponti knit dresses in Country Road, so chose a casual sleeve length and top stitched the hem and sleeves using a wide twin needle. I also lined the body of the dress for comfort and style.

Project Details
Pattern: New Look 6000
Fabric: Black ponti knit from Rathdowne Fabrics
Alterations: 4cm total sway back adjustment, graded pattern up to size 18, lengthened by 10cm, added lining (used smaller seams on lining fabric)

This is my second time using New Look 6000. It is a great basic pattern that I am sure I will use many more times. I do, however, need to move on from ponti knit for the time being. I have made 4 garments from ponti in the last 2 months and I have one more sitting on my sewing table...

Kids Clothes Week Challenge, here I come!!

L x
October 05, 2012

Sew: Lily Linen Dress


Colour - tick! Linen - tick! Pattern with pleats & funky bits - tick! Easy to sew - tick, tick, tick!

I am so happy with this make! I forgot how much I love to wear red. This linen is a beautiful red. A real red. The linen is a dream to sew and so lovely and comfortable to wear.

Project Details
Pattern: Tessuti Lily Linen Dress
Fabric: Como Lip Rouge Linen from Tessuti
Alterations: Made the dress sleeveless, simply cut two extra pieces of the neck binding and used those to bind the armholes. I made a large size.

I couldn't wait to wear this dress so I styled it down with some ballet flats and a cardigan for Playgroup this morning. I got nothing but lovely compliments.

I wasn't at all sold on this dress until I saw Lisa's sleeveless version. I think I bought the fabric that day! I ventured away from the black and charcoal, deciding that a deep red was a perfect pattern to fabric match.

The only problem I have with this pattern, is that it takes forever to tape together the pattern. I would pay good money not to have to do that myself!!

It is such a happy dress. And I am one happy lady to be wearing this dress!
I'm off to buy more linen...
L x
October 04, 2012

Explore: The Collingwood Children's Farm

This morning we went to The Collingwood Children's Farm for a bit of fun. It was such a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the forecast was for high 20's. Tropical! So there was no way we were staying at home, watching TV, playing Lego or sewing.

We walked and chatted about animals.

Mr N almost got enough courage to milk a cow (I say almost!). Baby steps, baby steps...

He did agree to grooming the cow. Look at that cow! What a life?!

L x
October 02, 2012

Plan: Kids Clothes Week Challenge 2012

My two boys are in some serious need of new pants and shorts. They keep growing and growing. 3 weetbix every morning will do that to a kid...

I'm going to do my first Kids Clothes Week Challenge. Check out the details over at Elsie Marley.

I have the fabric. In total - 7 metres of denim, 4 metres of printed cotton drill & multiple metres of various printed cotton for pj pants.

It will be the week of kids pants!!

L x

October 01, 2012

Sew: Vogue 8815 Peplum Top

Well, you certainly didn't see it here first! This is the pattern of the week! Vogue 8815, aka the Peplum Top pattern. Jorth has made it. Colette from Sew Tessuti has made it. TwiceErica B has styled it to the max. Mimi G totally rocked it. Anyone else?

I originally purchased this ponti for a dress but wasn't quite sure which one to go for. Then I saw this pattern on Voguepatterns.com and quickly made my decision. I am in the process of making a pencil skirt to go with this top for a peplum "dress" look, but I couldn't wait to wear this top! I love the colour and the style is fun and a bit flirty.

I switched the sleeves for the cap sleeves from Vogue 8787 and lined the sleeves and bodice. I cut a size 18 (yay!) and graded the sides in by an extra inch at the armhole. I could possibly drop the bust dart by an inch in my next version. Yes, there will be another one (or two, or three!).

Vogue 8815

Project Details
Pattern: Vogue 8815 (sleeves from Vogue 8787)
Fabric: Blueberry Ponti from Tessuti Fabrics plus matching lining
Alterations: Lined sleeves and bodice, substituted sleeves from Vogue 8787 for a capped sleeve,

Have you jumped on the Peplum Top bandwagon yet?

L x
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