October 14, 2012

Conclude: KCWC Spring 2012


After 7 days of sewing for my boys, I am exhausted, totally over threading elastic and my hands are stained blue from excessive amounts of dark denim.

Here's a tally of my KCWC efforts:

Mr N
  • 1 x denim Burda 9793 shorts
  • 3 x mixed Kwik Sew 3149 shorts
  • 2 x denim Burda 9793 pants (need elastic)
Mr H
  • 2 x denim Big Butt Baby pants
  • 2 x denim Kwik Sew 3149 pants
  • 3 x mixed Kwik Sew 3149 shorts
Cut out & ready for different thread in machine
  • 1 x grey hoodie with navy trim
  • 4 x printed Kwik Sew 3149 boxer shorts
  • 1 x Kwik Sew 3149 t-shirt
  • 2 x grey drill Burda 9793 shorts
All the denim was from my favourite denim supplier, Kelani Fabrics. I love the denim they have available and I even use it for myself and for homewares. The cotton prints are from good old Spotlight & Lincraft. The boys chose them!

I still have 4 metres of denim to cut out for Mr N's pants. He loves denim pants that are soft and worn. He refuses to wear any other pants, including 4 pairs of perfectly fine navy cord pants. His current set are getting too short. I have discovered the trick of including a 10cm hem which I roll up twice in 5cm sections and hem with a basting stitch. When his socks start showing, I let them down one 5cm section. When his socks show again I let them down 4cm and leave a 1cm hem. This gives me time to make a new set...

Mr H did really well in this KCWC. As he is the second child he hasn't needed many clothes until now. The hand-me-downs are very worn or I altered them (pants into shorts) for Mr N at the time. So it was time for Mr H to get some new stuff and stop looking like a hand-me-down kid.

I also cut out another Vogue 1250, Simplicity 2250 jacket and the Colette Hazel dress in a border print. Bring on some selfish sewing!!

How did everyone else go with KCWC? I thought it was great motivation to sew for the boys and get them ready for Spring & Summer. I probably just need 2 weeks...

L x


  1. Good grief! I am tired just looking at your amazing production. What smart clothes for your lucky boys. I was looking at the ankles of my poor neglected son just today, so your leg extension tip is extremely timely - should I ever develop the fortitude to make boy's trousers.

  2. What fantastic output - your boys are going to be the best dressed in Brunswick! But I am looking forward to seeing the results of that selfish sewing...

  3. Oh they are so cute . I am almost envious . The little boys I used to sew for are now 19.Seriously they look great . Well done .

  4. Wow!! Just, wow! I am definitely going to use your super hem idea, thanks!

  5. Ah, wow. Anyone else feel completely lazy? I will also be snaffling that hem idea, very clever to do the double 5 cm lengths. How much pre-washing do you do of the denim?

    1. I just wash the denim once before sewing. I then make sure I wash the freshly made pants with dark colours for the first few times. They get worn so much that after a few weeks they are really good.

  6. Excellent work on the trouser making. I thought that sewing 1hour a day for 7 days for my little boy would be a doddle! What was I thinking! Also love the hem idea too - I have a 90th percentile weed (2yrs = 91.5cm) and I will be using this in the future :)


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