October 02, 2012

Plan: Kids Clothes Week Challenge 2012

My two boys are in some serious need of new pants and shorts. They keep growing and growing. 3 weetbix every morning will do that to a kid...

I'm going to do my first Kids Clothes Week Challenge. Check out the details over at Elsie Marley.

I have the fabric. In total - 7 metres of denim, 4 metres of printed cotton drill & multiple metres of various printed cotton for pj pants.

It will be the week of kids pants!!

L x


  1. Cool I'm doing my first KCWC too. Although I'll be doing skirts and girly things. :)

  2. I hear you. I'm doing KCWC for the first time too and it will be all about the little boy pants.

  3. Thanks for this. I've just heard I've got a new niece or nephew on the way - too soon for sewing, but I'll be looking for pattern recommendations for next time!

  4. I'm in too - I'd bumped into KCWC before and forgotten about it. But my 19 year old is in need of PJ bottoms and some good shirts - more than enough to keep me busy for an hour a day! We've been finetuning the Colette Negroni to suit a more fitted style and are just about there. Also there's Isabelle, my one month old niece who might need some little things :-)

  5. I'm going to sign up too. My 6 year old is now eating 5(!) weetbix for breakfast every day...


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