August 12, 2015

Sew: Style Arc Jessica Dress

I'd been planning to try the Style Arc Jessica Dress for some time but wasn't in a real rush. I then saw Marjorie was giving away her copy of the pattern and she kindly offered to send it to me. Thanks again Marjorie. The Jessica Dress suddenly jumped to the top of the queue!

The Jessica Dress is described as "Great easy to wear pull on knit jersey dress with up to the minute twist front feature that is flattering and eye catching." It is a relatively straight forward dress to sew with no major tricky bits. The pattern Marjorie had was a size 14, so I decided to keep it that size. I probably would have bought my usual Style Arc size 16, so it is worth going down a size or two. The neckline has quite a plunge on it and I'm happy to wear a singlet but it's worth considering.

The fabric is a viscose, polyester and spandex knit from Tessuti Fabrics online. My love for black and white is well documented so I bought a few metres of this knit as well as the small dot knit. Out of this print, I have this dress, a Mandy Boat tee and an Ali Knit skirt. What can I say, I'm not afraid of a coordinating wardrobe! This knit is probably not slinky enough for this pattern. It is also a bit too heavy. There is a lot of fabric in that front twist and the whole dress feels bulky. Also, the asymmetry of this dress bugs me. There are pleats on one side but not the other so the hem is crooked and the fabric pulls across the waist strangely. I will be interested to see how it works in a lighter, slinkier knit.

Project Details
Pattern: Style Arc Jessica Dress, size 14
Fabric: Small Squiggle Knit, from Tessuti Fabrics Online
Alterations: None
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Overall, I'm not that pleased with this dress due to the poor fabric to pattern match. I will wear it because it's easy to wear but it will probably end up in the Savers pile next year. I prefer it will a black jacket due to the bulky top.

You win some, you lose some!

L x

Sew: Tessuti Sydney Jacket

When Tessuti released the Sydney Jacket I wasn't that keen on it. I didn't think a wool coat without lining or fastenings was very practical in Melbourne winter. But after I saw Groovy Baby and Mama's grey version that is perfectly styled with a striped dress, I knew I had to give it a go. Nothing to lose!

The Sydney Jacket is described as an "oversized, draped jacket features a relaxed collar, back yoke, extended cropped raglan sleeves and side pockets." The construction is relatively easy but different enough to keep you interested. The only problem I had was I put the front panels on the wrong way and only realised when I put the coat on and the pockets were on the outside.

To help with the overlapped seams, I marked a line 1cm from the edge on the wrong side. I then lined the other raw edge up with the line and pinned on the right side. It was then easy to sew the overlapped seams. I chose not to stitch the pockets to the main fabric.

The fabric I chose does fray. It was found in the dark depths of Anne's Fabrics on Sydney Road. It was inexpensive and the colour I was looking for. I was planning on snipping off the fraying ends after each wear but I kind of like the fraying. Or it could be just laziness...

Project Details
Pattern: Tessuti Sydney Jacket, size L
Fabric: Grey wool from Anne's Fabrics on Sydney Road
Alterations: None
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I might make another of version of the Sydney Jacket next winter. Maybe a black or camel one. Just for a bit of fun.

But for now, I'm loving my greys.

L x
August 11, 2015

Sew: Tessuti Alice Top in White Linen and Lace

I've decided I'm just going to blog my recent makes without waiting for decent "blog worthy". Life is just a bit hectic and I miss blogging so I'm just going to post my finished garments. Also if I don't blog them, I forget what I've done. These photos are from a few months ago. I was not walking around recently in bare legs and arms!

This is my first real attempt at the Tessuti Alice pattern. I made a quick and dirty muslin for size and didn't even bother attaching the sleeve bands. There was a lot of talk going around the interwebs about how large this pattern ran. I usually make a size L-XL in Tessuti patterns but going on what other people were saying I decided to try a medium. Despite my measurements being in the XL range for this pattern I got a perfect fit with a size M. So if you haven't heard it before, go down a size or two in this pattern.

The lace is a remnant I picked up at Tessuti Melbourne when H was a newborn (4 years ago). It's been sitting there waiting for the perfect combo. I finally settled on a linen and lace yoked top and chose the Tessuti Alice top pattern.

Project Details
Pattern: Tessuti Alice Top, size M
Fabric: Cotton lace remnant and medium weight white linen from Tessuti Fabrics Online
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So there you have it! A completely seasonally inappropriate blog post to get me back on the wagon.

More soon!

L x
February 27, 2015

Sew: Colette Patterns Myrtle Dress in Mood Knit

I wore my beloved first Colette Myrtle dress today and realised that I've never blogged it. I engaged my trusty blog photographer and snapped a few photos this afternoon. He has even taken to snapping two shots for front, back and both sides!

This Myrtles dress is made in a cotton knit that I purchased from Mood Fabrics in LA when we were on holidays in 2013. I bought enough fabric for a maxi dress but it was printed terribly off grain so I could only use a limited amount of it. I managed to squeeze this dress out thankfully. It is quite a thin and non-stretchy knit so probably better suited to a Myrtle than a maxi dress anyway.

The pattern came together well but I stuffed up the elastic casing. I was trying to cut corners and ended up catching the fabric to the elastic which is not ideal. You can see in the photo above that the fabric is catching. I have more fabric in the front than the back. Oh well.

Project Details
Pattern: Colette Patterns Myrtle dress, size XL
Fabric: Printed cotton knit from Mood Fabrics LA
Alterations: 4cm sway back adjustment, removed 3cm total from back neckline, omitted pockets
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A good friend of mine refers to this dress as my hepatic vasculature dress. It makes me laugh every time I wear it!

L x
February 26, 2015

Sew: Merchant and Mills Camber Set Dress in Printed Cotton Sateen


First up, two blog posts in one week after months of low activity!! I might disappear again soon as we're almost finished with the reno. Can I get a yippee?! It will then be a few months of internal painting, carpet installation, floor sanding and polishing and moving furniture around. Once that's all done, I'll be able to set up the rooms and most importantly establish my new sewing room!

Now, focus on my not-so-new dress! I made this dress way back at Sewjourn in December. It was a case of pattern to stash fabric accidental pairing that worked out perfectly. I bought this fabric years ago at Spotlight to make a pair of Colette Clover pants. Soon after that I gave up on the Clover pattern completely and the fabric sat unused. I wasn't really keen on it. Then one day in preparation for Sewjourn I was on a cutting out frenzy and I spied this fabric. I had nothing to lose if it didn't work, so I happily cut in to it using my Camber pattern. Happy accident!

After the first two wears, I decided it was too wide in the shoulders and too big throughout the body. I was tempted to give it to Savers but I decided to unpick the sleeves to allow me to remove the extra width from the shoulders and take the side seams in another 2cm through the bust and waist. I kept the hem as is so this dress is a little more A-line than my previous versions. Project saved!

Project Details
Pattern: Merchant and Mills Camber Set Dress, size 16
Fabric: Printed cotton sateen from Spotlight
Alterations: 3 cm side seams, lowered bust dart apex by 2.5 cm, removed 1 cm from shoulder
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Mr N is improving in his blog photography and as he gets taller, the photos straighten out. The last photo shows our new house colour! If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I debated on the house colour for some time. I'd decided on a dark green/grey but at the last minute, the architects changed their mind and suggested we change to the lighter colour that the majority of Instagram voted on. I took their advice and was shocked when it was actually painted. It was so bright! It is growing on me now and I really love the tone of it. It will look amazing when my garden is back and growing against it and when the fencing and scaffolding comes down. 

So what do you think of my crazy print sateen dress? And, are you a fan of grey houses? I absolutely love them. 

L x

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