October 19, 2012

Snap: My week

1. My overlocker is finally playing up & I'm in the market for a new one 2. New Iris shorts waiting for warm weather 3. Friday afternoon drinks on the front porch 4. My garden is finally taking shape after 6 years 5. Lounge room floor most days 6. Love my new sandals 7. Mr N resting after his surgery 8. Denim jacket in progress 9. New spectacles!


  1. What a week! I hope that Mr N is recovering well, and those new glasses are very cool. Re overlockers - I have a Janome MyLock 744D and would NOT recommend it. There are better models around. Mine has played up in different ways ever since I bought it. Love your new sandals too!

  2. Love the iris shorts... fabric is super cute. Reminds me of a skirt i stole from my mum :) She has thing wonderful full skirt, long to the ankles and the fabric is a bright orange with small polka dots. My fav skirt. It's from the 90s :)

  3. Those shorts are so sweet!

  4. You've had quite a week. Hope Mr N is feeling better and can eat. And I think you need a new overlocker to reward yourself after such a challenging week. And some new fabric. And some nice wine and chocolate too.


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