October 12, 2012

Update: KCWC Progress

5 days in to the Kids Clothes Week Challenge I have completed 8 pairs of pants & shorts. Phew! Plus I have another 8 pairs cut out and ready to be sewn up. It is very cold here in Melbourne so the shorts will not be worn any time soon.

Mr H was very happy with his new pants. Mr N is waiting patiently for his.

I also popped in to Lincraft yesterday and picked up a few metres of fleece to make Mr H some lightweight jumpers. He is a bit of an undresser so needs a few jumpers with no zips. Anyone got any plain hoodie pattern suggestions? I couldn't find a simple pattern. Everything is a bit too fancy. I was going to wing it from a tshirt pattern and a few RTW hoodies.

Project Details
Pattern: Kwik Sew 3149
Fabric: Lightweight denim from Kelani Fabrics (love this denim!)

This Kwik Sew pattern is an absolute winner. I've used it extensively throughout the last 4 years for both boys. It includes pants, shorts and a t-shirt pattern. Very handy.

In other news, since it is kid week, Mr N is going in next Tuesday for a service. Tonsils, adenoids and excessive ear wax is being removed. Wish me him luck! And poor Mr H has just been diagnosed with severe long sightedness and subsequent squint, so we've spent the day going from the ophthalmologist to the optometrist. Any suggestions on how to get a not-quite two year old to wear glasses?! Help!

What a week?! Now where are the bubbles?! The drink type, not the bath type...

L x


  1. Wow, that's a lot of kiddo sewing! Well done.
    I have made up the Farbenmix Yorik hoodie pattern quite a few times now, I got it from Crafty Mamas. Instructions are in German but it wasn't too hard to work out. The size range makes it great value.

  2. Pop the bubbles dear! I love the Kelani denim too. Just after I purchased three meters, I found it at the Remnant Warehouse for much less :( Bugger about the diagnosis. We had the excess ear wax thing. Used olive oil to clear a bunch of it. Our is prob far less severe than your ear hole probs :)

    1. Only 3 metres!! I purchase it in 10m lots. Fantastic stuff. I'm making another Simplicity 2250 jacket from it as well. Stealing denim from my children...

      I do recommend hydrogen peroxide 3% for the ear wax. Works a treat! And they love it because it bubbles...

  3. You never know with Melbourne weather, it could be all all sunshine and shorts by next week! Great work though, seriously impressive amount of pants.

  4. Wow, that is a powerload of sewing in under a week. Colour me impressed!
    When my boys need hoodies I use this one
    I've blogged one of them if you fancy a look.

  5. Good luck with the tonsils and adenoids - that was us week before last. Very happy to be free and clear!

    1. I hope your little one went well and is on the mend. I am most worried about the fasting before the operation!! It could get violent if you deprive him of food....

  6. My goodness. How productive. Clearly you don't procrastinate as much as me. All the best with the kiddo stuff.

  7. Seriously impressed with your pant output. Having three girls I don't produce so many in one go. I have made the Urban Hoodie by Heidiandfinn on etsy but found the arms to be quite slim so keep this in mind if you make this one. I have had good success with McCalls M6393 that is a kid's zip jacket as well and Ottobre produce good hoodies if a little over detailed at times.

    One of my daughters (4yrs) wears glasses and it is a pain but I have been lucky in getting them to wear them from the start. She is currently also wearing an eye patch over the good eye to get the poor eye to be stronger. That is a complete pain. I would involve your son in the choice of frames- favourite colour etc, also get a elastic to go around the back to keep it in place. Saves it falling it off at the playground.

  8. Wow! You are a machine! I'm so impressed with your productivity. Well done. I've been really enjoying your blog. You've inspired me to start making more of my own clothes. Good luck with the op. Maybe a new toy might distract him long enough in the morning to forget about food?


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