October 16, 2012

Help: Pattern to Fabric match

Help?! I can't decide what pattern to use for these two pieces of fabric. Any suggestions would be great. Big 4 or independent, doesn't matter.

First up we have a vibrant red floral sheer polyester fabric from Spotlight. I purchased 4 metres as I had no idea what I would make but I loved it. I'm thinking a sundress with possibly a wrap or v-neck and a few ruffles somewhere. Any suggestions?
The black and white stripe is a ponti knit that is destined for a pencil skirt. 
Next we have a large piece (probably 3-4 metres) of an Echino border print that I've had in my stash for a few years. I am determined to use this for summer as I really love it and want to wear it. I am thinking a fitted dress with wide shoulder straps. I had my heart set on the Lily dress pattern from Colette but there a too many panels for a border print.  I have Vogue 8184 in my stash and am thinking I could get a similar look without the panels using view F. What do you think? The fabric is a linen cotton blend which is quite heavy and stiff. Too heavy for a Colette Hazel. Any other suggestions?
Thanks in advance!
L x


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what you choose! I loved that print (in the green/turq colourway) so much when it came out that I've had it hanging on my wall ever since! I even got my sister an umbrella of it... WHY didn't I get myself one? I'm a fool. I've never made clothing with Echino precisely because I couldn't figure out which pattern would handle the stiffness of the fabric. I hope you find something that works!

  2. I love your material choices. For the red floral sheer fabric you should have a look at the Nicola dress, by Victory Patterns. I personally love the style and I have been hanging out for a more experienced sewer to give it a go so I can get some tips (selfish suggestion really). I think your choice of Vogue 8184 (F) is a great one. I made that pattern up few years ago when I first started sewing and really enjoyed it, and its perfect for that material.

  3. I'd love to see a beach kaftan/throw made from that gorgeous red floral sheer!

  4. ooh that vogue is such a nice pattern!! Love the idea of that with the border print! :)

  5. Love that red poly. A ruffled wrap dress would be divine!

  6. I am seriously pining over that Echino - it's beautiful! Make it up next! :)


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