March 26, 2013

Needles: Charcoal GAP-tastic Cowl

I was so pleased with my first GAP-tastic cowl that I started on another. I chose a dark charcoal from Morris & Sons. I discovered metal knitting needles and am totally converted!

My foot is still broken and we've been back up to Queensland to see my family, so there has been lots of time for knitting. Just not on the plane as I was too scared to take my metal knitting needles through security.

L x

March 25, 2013

Sew: Simplicity 1802 in Gridlock

Well, it's been a long time between finished items around here. I've been steadily working on my Tessuti Gridlock Competition entry. I took my time with the fitting and flat piping. I am so glad I did since I think this dress might be my proudest hand made item to date.

Let's take a look...

Look at that fit!!

And just a few more...

Now for the finer details...

 Copious amounts of basting and piping were done...

And even a handpicked zipper! My first ever.

The inside is beautiful too, with a lined bodice and bound armholes.

I used Simplicity 1802 for the basis of this dress and simply altered the skirt (as shown below). I didn't like the look of the skirt in the pattern and certainly didn't think the fabric would work for it.

The colour of the fabric is quite interesting. It can appear quite light and almost a lilac purple-blue in some lights but dark blue in other lights. I really wanted to work on the dark blue to suit my colouring so I paired it with a dark royal blue ponte for the piping to bring out the desired colour and shade. It is so very much my colour and I'd forgotten how much I love it.

Project Details
Pattern: Simplicity 1802, size 16
Fabric: Gridlock from Tessuti, dark royal blue ponte & blue gold-liner lining from Clegs
Alterations: Self- drafted a flared skirt using the pattern piece as guidance, lengthened skirt by 10cm

I was hesitant to use this pattern as it doesn't have many reviews and the few that are available are not very flattering. Despite my better judgement, I decided to take the plunge and use it anyway. I'd purchased 4 metres of fabric as I didn't have a plan, so I had plenty if this didn't work. I cut the bodice out first and basted all the pieces together (without the piping) to achieve the fit I wanted. I then trimmed the seams to 1.5cm and unpicked the basting before inserting all the flat piping by basting it all again. I unpicked sections and re-basted until I got the piping relatively even, before finally stitching all the seams. The fabric was quite thick and the seams required careful grading and a good press for a nice finish. There was no way an invisible zip was going to work with all that thickness at the joins, so I did my first ever handpicked zipper. It was an absolute pleasure to sew! I can't believe how much I enjoyed it.

I am so ridiculously excited about this dress. I took my time to address what I wanted out of this fabric and challenge. I pushed my boundaries and went out of my comfort zone. I took the long and proper way instead of taking the quickest and easiest route. I finally enjoyed the process of slow and steady sewing. It was good to slow down.

One more photo to show the big grin that this dress induces!

L x
March 18, 2013

Table: Tessuti Gridlock Competition

There's a lot on my table at the moment. Too much to do and not enough time!! Sound familiar??

I'm taking my time with the Tessuti Gridlock Competition. I'm slowly down to enjoy the process. It's actually quite fun!

It finally looks like a garment and I'm about to embark on my first handpicked zip. All that piping is not going to work with an invisible zip. 

Wish me luck!

L x
March 01, 2013

Table: Tessuti Comp, Cordova Jacket & Clover Muslin

There are lots of things on my sewing table this week. After the success of my Vogue 1027 in Liberty, I feel a bit recharged and enthusiastic about sewing. I couldn't go past the Tessuti Gridlock sewing competition, so I bought 4 metres with no plan. I think I've come up with a good plan now, so I cut the bodice out and am working on that. The Cordova jacket and materials have been sitting on my desk since December and now I can start since the weather is not so hot. Autumn is here! Lastly, Rachel & I are doing the pant fitting class at Tessuti tomorrow, so I cut out a muslin in a floral cotton sateen. Mr N said my pants were very pretty!!

What's on your table this week?

L x
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