March 26, 2013

Needles: Charcoal GAP-tastic Cowl

I was so pleased with my first GAP-tastic cowl that I started on another. I chose a dark charcoal from Morris & Sons. I discovered metal knitting needles and am totally converted!

My foot is still broken and we've been back up to Queensland to see my family, so there has been lots of time for knitting. Just not on the plane as I was too scared to take my metal knitting needles through security.

L x


  1. That is such bad news for your foot. I too just discovered metal needles and must admit they feel good don't they.

  2. I had this conversation with airport security in Sydney when they looked funny at my dodgy (pink) plastic crochet hook and they assured me that knitting needles and crochet hooks were fine to take regardless of what they were made off. I have always preferred metal needles even when working with cotton. Good luck with the foot :-)

  3. The cowl's looking great I love the charcoal colour. I haven't had a problem taking metal needles on the plane before, I always just take out my plastic bag of needles and wool and put it separate to my bag through the x-ray scanner thing. Like you would with a laptop ;)
    It definitely gets a weird look or two but never had a problem on domestic or international flights. :)


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