March 18, 2013

Table: Tessuti Gridlock Competition

There's a lot on my table at the moment. Too much to do and not enough time!! Sound familiar??

I'm taking my time with the Tessuti Gridlock Competition. I'm slowly down to enjoy the process. It's actually quite fun!

It finally looks like a garment and I'm about to embark on my first handpicked zip. All that piping is not going to work with an invisible zip. 

Wish me luck!

L x


  1. Good luck! That piping looks fab, I can't wait to see the finished result :)

  2. I like the go slow approach. I am using the Gridlock comp to finally develop a dress block that fits my ample curves. I've also pinned down some intriguing figure 'features' - no wonder it is so tricky to buy off the rack! Good luck with the zip.

  3. Looking good! Love the solid matched with that fabric. A handpicked zip is something I've been wanting to try but yet to have the right thing to try it on! Goodluck!

    1. I started last night and I am so totally converted! Hand picking the zipper is very therapeutic!

  4. Ooh can't wait to see what it is! I just love that fabric, with the piping.


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