February 24, 2016

Sew: Chambray Inari Dress


Another Inari Dress! I was on a roll so I just went with it and kept making Inari dresses. My first one was very dressy so I went the casual route for this one. The third is somewhere in between.

I lengthened this dress by 12cm after the indecency of the last version. It's a perfect day length at the front but the back looks a bit long. It doesn't bother me though. The fabric is from Spotlight last year when they got a big shipment of printed chambrays. It's more of a denim than chambray in weight.

I used the facings for this version (my last one was lined) and although I'm not usually a fan of facings these stay nice and flat during wear. They don't look like they will when on a hanger but they do once on the body. I didn't top stitch the facing down. Just stitched in the ditch of the shoulder seams.

Project Details
Pattern: Named Inari Tee Dress, size UK 18
Fabric: Printed chambray from Spotlight
Alterations: Lengthened 12 cm

My photographer is a 5 year old with a broken hand today so these photos required serious cropping to get the dress in the frame... It's my last day at home with Mr 5 today. He's had Wednesdays off for the month of February. Next week he's going to school for all 5 days! And I get to stay home on Fridays and sew!!!!! Can you tell I'm a little bit excited?!

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