February 09, 2016

Sew: Frocktails Floral Silk Wool Inari Tee Dress

I didn't specifically sew this dress for Frocktails. I had worn it twice but never blogged it. So I'm calling it my Frocktails dress!

The fabric was a 1.2m remnant found in the depths of my fabric stash. I'd made a dress for my cousin's wedding many years ago and as it was so wide, found myself with a decent remnant at the end. And so it sat in the stash, getting deeper and deeper until I was rummaging one day. I struck gold!

The pattern is of the course Named Clothing Inari Tee Dress which has been made time and again across the internet. I decided to line my dress and omitted the facings. The only other change was to lengthen it by 7cm. When standing the dress is a good length but when sitting it is almost indecent. So it is a dress for standing parties! Subsequent versions have been lengthen 12cm which works well.

Frocktails was a fabulous night. I had a great time with friends and loved meeting new people. There were many people there that I didn't get around to chatting to. Next time!

Project Details
Pattern: Named Inari Tee Dress, size UK 18
Fabric: Silk & wool gazaar from The Fabric Store Melbourne (many moons ago), found in the depths of my stash
Alterations: Lengthened 7cm, add lining
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