August 12, 2015

Sew: Tessuti Sydney Jacket

When Tessuti released the Sydney Jacket I wasn't that keen on it. I didn't think a wool coat without lining or fastenings was very practical in Melbourne winter. But after I saw Groovy Baby and Mama's grey version that is perfectly styled with a striped dress, I knew I had to give it a go. Nothing to lose!

The Sydney Jacket is described as an "oversized, draped jacket features a relaxed collar, back yoke, extended cropped raglan sleeves and side pockets." The construction is relatively easy but different enough to keep you interested. The only problem I had was I put the front panels on the wrong way and only realised when I put the coat on and the pockets were on the outside.

To help with the overlapped seams, I marked a line 1cm from the edge on the wrong side. I then lined the other raw edge up with the line and pinned on the right side. It was then easy to sew the overlapped seams. I chose not to stitch the pockets to the main fabric.

The fabric I chose does fray. It was found in the dark depths of Anne's Fabrics on Sydney Road. It was inexpensive and the colour I was looking for. I was planning on snipping off the fraying ends after each wear but I kind of like the fraying. Or it could be just laziness...

Project Details
Pattern: Tessuti Sydney Jacket, size L
Fabric: Grey wool from Anne's Fabrics on Sydney Road
Alterations: None
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I might make another of version of the Sydney Jacket next winter. Maybe a black or camel one. Just for a bit of fun.

But for now, I'm loving my greys.

L x

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