August 11, 2015

Sew: Tessuti Alice Top in White Linen and Lace

I've decided I'm just going to blog my recent makes without waiting for decent "blog worthy". Life is just a bit hectic and I miss blogging so I'm just going to post my finished garments. Also if I don't blog them, I forget what I've done. These photos are from a few months ago. I was not walking around recently in bare legs and arms!

This is my first real attempt at the Tessuti Alice pattern. I made a quick and dirty muslin for size and didn't even bother attaching the sleeve bands. There was a lot of talk going around the interwebs about how large this pattern ran. I usually make a size L-XL in Tessuti patterns but going on what other people were saying I decided to try a medium. Despite my measurements being in the XL range for this pattern I got a perfect fit with a size M. So if you haven't heard it before, go down a size or two in this pattern.

The lace is a remnant I picked up at Tessuti Melbourne when H was a newborn (4 years ago). It's been sitting there waiting for the perfect combo. I finally settled on a linen and lace yoked top and chose the Tessuti Alice top pattern.

Project Details
Pattern: Tessuti Alice Top, size M
Fabric: Cotton lace remnant and medium weight white linen from Tessuti Fabrics Online
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So there you have it! A completely seasonally inappropriate blog post to get me back on the wagon.

More soon!

L x

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