February 27, 2015

Sew: Colette Patterns Myrtle Dress in Mood Knit

I wore my beloved first Colette Myrtle dress today and realised that I've never blogged it. I engaged my trusty blog photographer and snapped a few photos this afternoon. He has even taken to snapping two shots for front, back and both sides!

This Myrtles dress is made in a cotton knit that I purchased from Mood Fabrics in LA when we were on holidays in 2013. I bought enough fabric for a maxi dress but it was printed terribly off grain so I could only use a limited amount of it. I managed to squeeze this dress out thankfully. It is quite a thin and non-stretchy knit so probably better suited to a Myrtle than a maxi dress anyway.

The pattern came together well but I stuffed up the elastic casing. I was trying to cut corners and ended up catching the fabric to the elastic which is not ideal. You can see in the photo above that the fabric is catching. I have more fabric in the front than the back. Oh well.

Project Details
Pattern: Colette Patterns Myrtle dress, size XL
Fabric: Printed cotton knit from Mood Fabrics LA
Alterations: 4cm sway back adjustment, removed 3cm total from back neckline, omitted pockets
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A good friend of mine refers to this dress as my hepatic vasculature dress. It makes me laugh every time I wear it!

L x


  1. This is a seriously cute dress, but I cackled out loud (in public!) at your friend's hepatic vasculature comment. I can see it! The fabric, though, really is beautiful and perfect for a Myrtle. I'm so glad you were able to salvage it, despite the grain issue. This dress looks sensational on you!

  2. Looks like a nice easy dress to wear.

  3. Simply summery, Leith! Love it! And I hope your renos are almost done!!!


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