May 02, 2014

Join: Me-Made-May 2014

I thought long and hard about signing up for Me-Made-May this year. I already wear handmade garments every day. I don't shop for clothes anymore, with the exception of underwear, jeans and cardigans. Despite this, I finally decided to sign up so I could share my everyday wardrobe with the sewing community and enable me to reflect on the items that work for me. 

Here is my pledge:

'I, Leith of Sew Brunswick (, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '14. I endeavour to wear predominantly handmade garments each day for the duration of May 2014. I will also use the opportunity to review my wardrobe and identify which items I actually wear. At the completion of MMMay 2014 I will deep clean my wardrobe and write a wardrobe plan. I will also take a photo of my outfit every day and post it on Instagram.'

I will post my handmade outfit everyday on Instagram (if you're not following me yet and would like to, my username is @sewbrunswick). I really need to cleanse my wardrobe. I have a wardrobe full of clothes but I really only wear 50% of it. I need to let go of the excess and build on the winners. I want to plan a capsule wardrobe and be able to build on this over time. 

Happy Me-Made-May!! 

L x


  1. oooooh, a post-mmmay deep clean. good idea!

  2. Snap! I'm the same. I thought about joining, I wear handmade every day also and only buy cardigans, jeans and underwear. I'm not dedicated enough to take the photos everyday though. I"m looking forward to following you though.

  3. I joined up at the last minute too, pretty much to do what you are doing! I need to do a major wardrobe purge. Taking part in MMM should really help with that!

  4. Oooh ditto, I haven't officially signed up as I wear MM every day normally anyway, but I love your pledge to clean out your wardrobe and write a plan. I am mentally planning now but should really write it down. The cleaning out is happening anyway as we are moving :)

  5. I'm following you on Instagram now - looking forward to seeing your daily photos! :) I've never signed up for MMM before either, because I've never had enough handmade items to wear every day, but more and more that's changing - so far this month I've worn something handmade every day without trying! Looks like next year I'll finally be ready to make the pledge - yippee! :)


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