April 28, 2014

Sew: Tessuti Suzy Pants

I started making these pants about 6 months ago. I almost finished them in one afternoon but the moment of truth came when I went to try them on and the blasted things barely fitted over my hips. Once over my hips, they were too loose on my waist. So I threw them in the too hard basket (with my little black jacket) and carried on with something else. Attention to detail is my strong point at work only... 

This past Sunday I had two kids birthday parties to attend and a pair of comfy pants were required if I was going to get through the day with my sanity. The only problem is that I don't have many comfy pants, or many pants at all, in my wardrobe. My beloved Anita Ponti Pants were in the wash. I remembered my discarded Suzy pants and whipped them out. A quick unpick of the waistband and a release of one of the pleats enabled me to save them and get them over my hips. Once up, they are still too baggy around the waist but I don't plan on wearing them with a fitted top and they won't fall down. I may go back and attach a thin piece of elastic to the front waist band, just to bring it in a bit. Or I may not... 

Project Details
Pattern: Tessuti Suzy Pants, size L
Fabric: Silk cotton blend fabric from Tessuti
Alterations: Omitted pockets, stitched in 5cm wide elastic to back waist band only
Also wearing: Tiny Pocket Tank | Simplicity 2250 Jacket
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I'm actually quite happy with these pants and I will wear them. I've got the Style Arc Lola Pant in a silk twill cut out and ready to go. I just need some time...

L x


  1. Oh I took my time to make these too.... I did make them as per the pattern, but yes barely fit over my butt, and I hate the thin elastic. They are ok once on (apart from the twisty elastic), so will redraft the waistband next time.

  2. Nice save-the-day job by Suzy pants! I do love silk cotton blend fabric though... the best of both worlds. I'll be curious to see what you think f the Lola's because I've had them in my sights for a little while now!

  3. Sounds like a problem with the pattern, and not your sewing skillz!

  4. Silk pants have to be the most bestest thing in the whole, entire world :)

    Love them! And the jacket too!

  5. Comfy pants have to be one of the most sanity saving outfit choices in the history of clothes. I might take a look at these and see if they might be ok to pass my "plane test" ie: can I do a long haul flight in them and still be comfortable?

  6. I just bought this pattern yesterday and am GUTTED to read that you had some trouble fitting them on your hips as my hips are no doubt hippier than yours. I'm going to go for the XL and hope for the best!

    Looking forward to seeing your Lola pants too as I'm eying off that pattern.

  7. Good save Leith! As you know I love comfy - looking forward to seeing your Lolas!

  8. Love the whole outfit - you look super cool. That silk cotton looks like a good weight too - it isn't a voile is it?

  9. Your whole outfit looks lovely as well as relaxed. I think you will be happy with the StyleArc Lola pants. I am quite wide on the hips and made a 14 in the Lola pattern. The flat front piece on the waistband makes the pants sit really nicely without being all bunched up at the front.

  10. Yay pants! You did it! I know how perplexing pants can be so I feel like having a celebration every time I see someone make a successful pair (and I will DEFINITELY be having cake when I join that club LOL). Silk twill pants sound amazing... looking forward to seeing them! :)


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