May 12, 2014

Sew: Style Arc Harper Jacket

Some fabric purchases don't even make it to the stash. They go straight from the pre-wash to the cutting table. This beautiful mustard/gold merino knit from The Fabric Store was one of those purchases. I just love the colour, even though I wasn't certain it would suit my colouring. Nothing that a slick of red lipstick won't fix!

The only thing that held the project up was trying to find a matching overlocker thread. I had no success at Clegs and was too lazy to shop around so I decided to French seam ALL the seams. It took a bit of extra time but was so worth it. I also played around with the finish of the external edges. I turned them over twice and then top stitched with a long and narrow zig-zag. The bottom hem is turned to the inside but the neckline edge is turned to the outside. Once the drape is hanging it flips out and the inside becomes the outside. The instructions have you leave the edge raw or simply overlock the edges. This fabric is quite fine so I decided to enclose the edges. Also, leaving the edges raw messes with me too much!

Project Details
Pattern: Style Arc Harper Jacket, size 16
Fabric: Mustard merino wool knit from The Fabric Store
Alterations: Omitted hook & eye
Also wearing: Tessuti Anita Ponti Pants | Country Road Tee | Elk necklace | Ecco flats
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The only change I would make in future would be to possibly lengthen it by 2.5cm or so. Otherwise, a great simple pattern that I really like. I see a few variations in my future!

L x


  1. This shade looks good on you and is just perfect for autumn (especially with the backdrop you chose.) It's a great throw on and go kind of thing. Nice work!

  2. No wonder you went straight for it. Love it on! Might need to investigate this pattern myself !

  3. This colour is lovely on you and looks great with the autumn leaves in the photo.

  4. Great colour. I haven't tried any Style Arc patterns yet, but think i will after seeing yours.

  5. Looks Great on you! As far as thread color goes, you only have to change one spool to match the color you need:

  6. Love the colour, love the style & wish it was mine!

  7. I love this jacket and I would get loads of wear out of it! Wish I could wear mustard though :(
    The pattern is kind of expensive though huh? Might attempt to draft my own :)

  8. This turned out so great, I love it! The colour is perfect and I love the style on you.

  9. I love this colour on you, and it looks great with the necklace. It looks like a really comfy jacket.

  10. Nice!! I think the colour is awesome!! So dedicated, French seaming all the seams - it was worth it :)

  11. It's lovely - such a great throw-on kinda thing!


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