April 25, 2014

Sew: Tessuti Anita Ponti Pants

These pants were almost in the "too boring to blog" category but I wanted to show you the adjustment I did on them to make them more wearable for me.

I made this pattern up twice last winter, in black and a charcoal print, with mixed results. They were extremely comfortable but not so flattering. Pants that bordered on being leggings were not the best choice for me. I still wear the black ones around home and even took them camping. The grey ones were donated.

I'm lucky to wear my weight fairly evenly distributed across my body. I do carry weight on my hips and I have large calves. Shopping for knee high boots is a nightmare!! I wanted the comfort and ease of wear of these ponti pants but I wanted them to be more flattering and less tight from the hips down. On one of my internet perusing sessions I discovered this tutorial on the Colette website on how to adjust a pattern for large legs. It was a light bulb moment!

So I hacked in to my Anita ponti pants pattern and added about 1cm to each side of the leg from the crotch line down. It worked a treat. I do have a bit of bagging around my knee but I think this is from the divot created where my large-ish thighs meet my large large carves. Something I'll have to live with. The photos above show where the fabric has also bagged a bit from wearing them two days in a row.

Project Details
Pattern: Tessuti Anita Ponti Pants, size 14
Fabric: Four way stretch black ponti from Clegs Brunswick
Alterations: Lengthened 10cm, raised back rise by 2.5cm, large leg adjustment 1cm each side

I wore them to work yesterday with my digital floral peplum top. It was like secretly wearing tracksuit pants all day!!

L x


  1. I just made pants from ponte and you're right; it feels like you're secretly getting away with something! Haha!!

    Love the pants and glad you found adjustments that worked.

  2. These are great, Leith! This length looks killer on you. Also, aren't knits the best? I love real clothes that feel like pajamas.

  3. They look fantastic. I'd like to try these and would probably attemp a similar adjustment. I think we are similar in our 'strong' legs. I haven't had boots in years :(

  4. I have always worried about the leggings as pants, but these look really good. The tapering at the bottom is spot on.

  5. I love the sneaky work outfit.

  6. Thanks for the link to the tutorial - great result!

  7. Oh I'm so glad you blogged these. I have similar fitting issues. I have huge thighs and then little short much slimmer calves. I call myself carrot shaped. I'm also short so its not easy to fit. I will have to try adding the extra from the crotch line! These are so flattering on you! I must get some black ponte!

  8. Great tips, and thanks for sharing that link!! :) I, too, have large calves, and totally hear ya on the boots-fitting nightmare! I once had a sales girl zip my actual flesh into a boot zipper because she didn't believe they didn't fit me!!

  9. I LOVE ponte pants...they are so comfortable and I'd love to make myself a pair (one day)! How high do they come up at the back (ie do they have good butt coverage, or are they quite low waisted)!?

  10. Nice job and loving that leg adjustment, I totally need that too!!
    BTW - Duo Boots from the UK are great for different calf sizes. I have big calves too. Due offer all their boots in a range of calf sizes, free shipping and mine came in a week. You'll see my ones on my polka dot skater dress post (and almost any winter pic of me overseas)

  11. I've got this pattern at home just waiting to be made up. They look great and I think you got the length just right. I know what you mean about calf size and knee high boots, horrendous!

  12. I JUST bought this pattern today and I've got some plain plum coloured ponti to try it in...it joins the queue so you'll see it in 12 - 18 months! They look so great on you!


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