January 08, 2014

Review: 2013

Of course I am well and truly behind in reviewing 2013. Better late than never! I really like looking back at my year of sewing and making things. So here goes!

Top 5 of 2013

1. Liberty Negroni Who would have thought my number one garment for 2013 was a garment for someone else?! I love it. I loved sewing it and I love seeing him wear it. It makes me so damn happy!

2. Gridlock Dress I took my time, enjoyed the process and got a dress that fits and suits me perfectly. Must wear this one more.

3. Striped Midi Dress I wear this dress ALL the time. If only I could wear it to work...

4. Pink Leopard Vogue 1250 What's not to love when you combine pink leopard print and a fabulous pattern?!

5. Fuchsia Anise Jacket Once again, I took my time to enjoy the process and loved every minute of it. I'm thinking 2014 will be the year of the jacket!

Bottom 5 of 2013

1. Clovers Not even good enough to get their own blog post. I even took a fitting class to fit these bad boys. So not good. 2014 might have to be the year of the pants as well.

2. Tessuti Anita Ponti Pants I wore them, but I probably shouldn't have. They make my thighs look huge. I probably need to wear a style that aren't so fitted from the thighs down.

3. Lady Skater Dress This dress took way too long to fit and fix for a simple style knit dress. Way too long for still such an ordinary dress. I might try this pattern again in a different pattern but will probably go for a modified Tessuti Lola shirt/dress instead.

4. Bombshell Swimsuit Mega cups and dodgy elastic around the top make for an epic fail. I feel super enhanced in this swimsuit! The thought of all that unpicking is turning me off fixing it. Such a shame.

5. Sewcie Tea Dress I can't actually move my arms or drive a car in this dress without unzipping the back zipper. I also think it's too pale for me.

Top 5 posts of 2013 (according to Blogger)

1. Shop: Holiday Fabric
2. Sew: Sewaholic Cordova Jacket
3. Sew: Colette Patterns Anise Jacket
4. Sew: Liberty Lily Party Dress
5. Sew: Simplicity 1802 in Gridlock

In 2013 I made a total of 64 garments and knitted 5 items. I also made copious amounts of polymer clay necklaces, a breastfeeding cover and a doll. I'm sure I've forgotten a few items as well. Not bad but not nearly as dramatic as 2012 in which I made over 100 items. The most notable absence this year was sewing for my boys. They're just not wearing out their shorts like they used to. And they now insist on wearing RTW jeans....

To break it down, here's the tally.

Dresses 25 (yikes!)
Jackets 3
Skirts 3
Pants 9
Tops 9
Scarves 1
Swimmers 2
Garments for others 6
Knitted Items 5
Toys 1
Gifts (non garments) 5

Overall, I had a great 2013. I really enjoyed sewing for others towards the end of the year. I made a lot of dresses! I basically live in dresses so I can deal with that. I do need to work on pants and jackets.

2014 is definitely going to be much quieter on the sewing front. I'm going to lose my sewing room (and kitchen) for at least 6 months while we renovate our house. I've increased my work hours this year and my eldest boy starts school (yikes!). I hope to keep sewing and making things but on a lesser scale. It's going to be all about quality over quantity.

So, here's to 2014!!

L x


  1. Wow, I love that gridlock dress - I've never seen that pattern before. I also did a bit of holiday Negroni making... a bit on the large size though, so I need to take your tip and size down :)


    1. Yes, it doesn't have many reviews and most aren't flattering. I was determined to make it work! My husband was between L & XL so I went up last time which was a mistake. A size L is much better. Good luck!

  2. I used to make most of the lad's shorts/pants too. By the time he was 8 he was getting most of his clothes as hand me downs from a friend's son. Went through a similar dry patch for the lasses too, but they are now requesting speciality items: ice skating gear, pretty lawn dresses and skirts. I'm a little annoyed that I can't do simple shorts any more. The last dress took 15 hours and involved lots of hand work.
    Am also NOT showing my husband the Negroni you made. My man will want one. I'm already making him board shorts and a new fleece jumper for winter.

    1. No, don't show him! You don't want to spend all your precious sewing time on others.

  3. Your gridlock dress is gorgeous! I'm glad to see someone in that comp ended up with a dress they love as I've seen a few (including my own) end up in people's bottom 5's.

  4. What a fantastic year of sewing you've had (again). I have really enjoyed reading all about your creations and have found it very inspiring. I had the busy year last year, moving countries, seeing my youngest to school and renovating our house, but this year I'm hoping to ramp up my output. Although I'm not sure I'll match yours.

  5. My number one was also a Negroni for my husband. Tempted to make him another one cause he's really happy with it. And yep, also going one size down cause XL was too big on my almost 2 meter tall man.
    Love your Anise jacket!

  6. What a lovely year of sewing! I am still drooling over your gridlock dress. That pieced bodice is just divine on you. However, your dashing Negron is making me *very* guilty. I swore to Sam that he'd get one for his birthday, but still haven't cut it out. His birthday was, much to my chagrin, in November! Must get on that...

  7. 25 dresses in a year - sounds great to me! I love the Gridlock Dress, and when I can (finally) sew with knits I see a lady skater dress in my (very distant) future.


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