January 07, 2014

Sew: Colette Patterns Negroni Shirt in Liberty Capel

I made my beloved husband a Liberty shirt for Christmas. He's a collared shirt kind of guy and I thought it was time he embraced Liberty. I nearly fell off my chair when he agreed to the floral Capel print. Partly because he never wears floral, but mostly because I thought I might score the fabric if he disapproved! Thankfully he approved and away I went. I love this print and the dark blue background is beautiful. The flowers are a yellow cream which is striking against the dark blue. Love it. I bought him another two Liberty prints which I'll make up soon. Especially now that this shirt is such a success. It has already been worn many, many times!

I have to say that this is my proudest make to date. And that is a big, big call! It was such a pleasure to sew and the girls at Sewjourn can support that. Everything came together beautifully. The diagonal floral stripe matched perfectly. Not only on the front but across the yoke and side seams. And, can you see the pockets?? No, me neither.  

The pattern is of course the Colette Negroni. I've made it once before with limited success. The fabric was a dud. Too drapey and with some weird polyester content. I also made it too big. This time, I went down a size and chose Liberty, a beautiful crisp cotton lawn. 

Project Details
Pattern: Colette Patterns Negroni shirt, size L
Fabric: Dark blue Capel Liberty of London cotton lawn from Shaukat
Alterations: Shortened sleeves by 7cm

Just looking at this shirt in detail again makes me want to get stuck in to another shirt. I first must unpack all my sewing things from Sewjourn. It was almost a month ago!! Once I'm done with his next two shirts, I'm going to do the Archer for myself. It will be just in time for Winter by the time I get around to it...

Want to make a Liberty Negroni now?? 

L x


  1. I just love how much YOU love this! It is very cute. C looks great - you sewed this so beautifully. I've got another Archer planned too - maybe we can sew along together!

  2. I absolutely want to make a Liberty Negroni now! I adore this shirt - and he looks very happy with it (unsurprisingly). You can be justifiably proud.

  3. Fabulous pattern matching...where are you hiding the pockets? Lovely looking shirt. You must be so pleased that your husband loves it. Great job.

  4. Lovely shirt! So glad he's worn it a lot already. That's the true test.

  5. It's fabulous! Awesome pattern matching. I am so jealous that your husband will wear a) floral Liberty and b) something you made him... sigh....

  6. That is a fab shirt! I have the negroni pattern but my hubby wasn't convinced by the collar (sans stand) but I shall be sharing your photos to change his mind. A thoroughly modern and perfectly fitted shirt … fantastic job.

  7. Beautiful job, I noticed the perfectly matched diagonals right away!

  8. I DO want to make a Negroni now! Before seeing your's I really didn't think I liked it and wasn't sure my husband would wear it. I wish my husband would wear prints like this! Looks great!

  9. It's a very manly floral - and it suits him wonderfully! Negroni's are the bomb. Love it :)

  10. This looks fabulous Leith - love that you made it in Liberty! Hope it's OK for me to link to this in my Negroni review.


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