May 16, 2013

MMM: Day 13, 14, 15 & 16!!

Whoa! Where did that week go?! These are my work week outfits. Apologies for the blurry photos but these were taken at 6.45am quickly before I ran out the door.

We're working left to right.

Day 13 Outfit Details
Dress: Vogue 1250
Other Items: Country Road black wool cardigan, black opaque tights, patent wedges & Dinosaur Designs jewellery

Day 14 Outfit Details
Dress: New Look 6000
Jacket: Simplicity 2250
Other Items: Black opaque tights, Dinosaur Designs jewellery, Camper shoes

Day 15 Outfit Details
Blouse: McCalls 5884
Skirt: Black Ponti Simplicity 2343 (unblogged)
Other Items: Black opaque tights, Dinosaur Designs bangle, Camper shoes

The first two dresses are two of my all time favourite work dresses. They are super comfortable and I think quite stylish. I love the ponti jacket and have worn it extensively but it is getting a little worn now.

I thought I'd include a photo from this morning's photo shoot! The boys were keen to be included. Not sure what's happening with their head poses...

Day 16: A quick trip in to the city to see the doctor. More ENT visits needed for Mr N and Mr H has a scooter vs foot wound requiring antibiotics. Never a dull moment!

Outfit Details
Top: Alexa tee
Jacket: Black wool Minoru
Scarf: GAP-tastic Cowl
Other Items: Black skinny jeans from Trenery, Ecco boots (my mother's day present!)

Back to sewing my Cordova!!

L x


  1. I love your boots!! What good boys they are.

  2. Hi Leith, If you don't mind me asking what pattern did you use for your black ponti skirt? I have been enjoying looking at your MMM posts you have some lovely dresses.

    1. It's simplicity 2343 with the side panels.

  3. Love the clothes, always amazed & impressed with your sewing! But I have to ask about the 2 red dog art works in your yard, they caught my eye 'cos they look terrific!

    1. Thanks Dianne! My father-in-law made them. I got given a set of 3 for my 30th last year. I love them.


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