May 22, 2013

MMM: Days 17-22

I've fallen off the MMM bandwagon a bit lately. It's not that I have trouble wearing me-made items, it's the lack of a decent photographer and leaving for work before it gets light. I've realised during this challenge that I actually do wear mostly me-made items. That's pretty good since I don't go shopping for clothes anymore. I buy only jeans, cardigans and underwear.

The only thing I'm struggling with (besides the photography) is wearing bought t-shirts. I have a large collection that I've had for years and do wear them quite a bit on my mum days. I've made two Alexa T-tops and I've got a few Renfrews but I'd love to wear my Country Road t-shirts. Maybe I'll break my own rules...

Here's day 17 through to today, day 22. I didn't photograph Saturday (day 18) due to an extremely difficult day with a certain 4 year old. Please tell me it will end!! I stayed in my running gear most of the day to do domestic duties and some gardening. I wore my pink infinity scarf. I love that scarf!

Day 17
Dress: Vogue 1027 in Liberty
Other Items: Blue wool Country Road cardigan, black leggings, Walnut flats, fabric covered button earrings

Day 19
Top: Japanese Floral Grainline Scout
Scarf: Pink wool Infinity Scarf
Jacket: Black wool Minoru
Other Items: Black Trenery jeans, Walnut flats, fabric covered button earrings

Yes, my nose is a bit swollen. I got a rude awakening early one morning when Mr H hit my across the nose with his sip cup because I wouldn't get him more milk. That boy certainly has a temper!

Day 20, 21 & 22 - my working week. Sick child today so no work for me.

Day 20
Dress: Vogue 1250
Other Items: Black wool Country Road cardigan, black opaque tights, black patent pumps, black Dinosaur Designs jewellery

Day 21
Dress: Colette Laurel
Jacket: Simplicity 2250
Other Items: Black opaque tights, black patent pumps, red Dinosaur Designs jewellery

Day 22
Top: Black wool Renfrew
Scarf: Pink wool Infinity Scarf
Other Items: Black Trenery jeans, Columbia puffer vest, Walnut flats

Tomorrow is supposed to be nice, so hopefully a better photo...

L x


  1. Oh , I'm hearing you. My daughter has been sick, I got to the end of the day, it was dark and I was covered in snot. It's about the me made mindset, not the photos I tell myself!
    Your work dresses are always the perfect balance of being professional, but not boring! Do you wear your gridlock dress much?

  2. I love your fabric choices! Especially that red floral for the 1027. I really need to make that and you really need to send me the fabric. I swear, everytime I see a 1027 I fall in love all over again. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love your posts and I love your photos. I get disheartened when you read some bloggs and everything as you dream. But to read a blog with a mum starting work at all hours of the day, with kids being kids and still finding time to blog and sew, well thats my kind of woman. Keep up the awesome job


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