February 02, 2013

Knit: GAP-tastic Cowl

I did it! My first ever hand knitted item!!  After multiple unravels and attempts at casting on, I finally found my groove. The combination of a broken foot, torrential rain and a stint in the kid's hospital for a tooth vs lip altercation* made this a rather quick knit.

I used two balls of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Navy that I bought online from Yarnover, along with a set of Hiya Hiya 40 inch 9mm bamboo circular needles. I wouldn't go any shorter on the circular needles. I started with the 24 inch and it was too tight and awkward. The 40 inch were perfect. I casted on 121 stitches instead of the recommended 131. Purely because I was lazy and had casted on so many times before. The two balls of yarn resulted in a 10 inch wide cowl. 

Next time I'm going to use 3 balls of yarn and cast the extra stitches. I really want to use a mustard yellow yarn next time. I'm a bit torn between using the same brand, Lion Brand, which is a wool/acrylic blend (but has the perfect colour) or using a 100% wool yarn (but I can't find a mustard yellow). What to do?!

Project Details
Pattern: GAP-tastic Cowl by Jen Geigley
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Navy
Needles: Hiya Hiya 40 inch 9mm bamboo circular needles

All up, I am extremely pleased with myself in completing this project. I'm not a complete convert to knitting but I will make another cowl or two for winter.

*We finally got home from Queensland late Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning I was doing a bit of baking with the boys. Mr H got a bit excited about an apricot and slipped of the stepstool hitting his chin. Blood everywhere!! The next 14 hours were a whirlwind of solo-parenting logistical skills (Mr Sew Brunswick was still in America) culminating in theatre at 11pm to stitch up the inside lip, fix the outside chin and examine his teeth, plus or minus remove his front teeth. He came out with 7 stitches and his teeth intact!! We got home at 10am, after picking up Mr N from a friend's house, only to re-present to ED at 9pm that night as the stitches had fallen out and the wound had opened. Thankfully they decided against taking him back to theatre. We now just have to wait to see if the wound heals and if his teeth are ok.

Talk about one hell of a week?! I am so looking forward to Rachel and I's trip to Sydney next weekend. Who's coming along to the meet up?

L x


  1. Hello! Great cowl, I'm just easing into knitting with scarves too. Check out my recent mustard cowl post on my fairly new blog, I ended up dying my yarn with turmeric and its a glorious colour! It was really easy and i think from memory the tutorial I used was on th Lion website. Cheers, Sarah


  2. Love the cowl - looking forward to seeing the mustard version. Poor Mr H - and poor you! Sounds like a really stressful time. I'm back at work tomorrow - catch up soon maybe?

  3. 1st knitting effort and you used circular needles, well done! I have been knitting scarves for a few years on 2 needles, & can't get the hang of circular needles at all! MIght be inspired to have another go now! Have you tried The Yarn Barn in Reynard St Coburg for mustard wool? They have so many different colours & shades, it is like walking into a lolly shop!


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