February 03, 2013

Award: Liebster

Rosi of Rosi Button and Giggles in the Sun have both nominated me for the Liebster award. Thanks ladies! Both commented that they like my blog for the everyday garments that I make. I never really realised that I do make everyday garments that I wear all the time and that I don't make a lot of "cake". I suppose this is a good thing as I get to wear my creations almost every day. I would like to make some more "cake" this year with a little black dress number one on the list.

I am going to totally break the rules, as I was nominated for this award last year, and only do the facts about myself.

11 random facts about me:
1. I am 30 years old.
2. I grew up on a carrot farm in southeast Queensland.
3. I am married with two boys.
4. I have lived in Melbourne for 7 years.
5. I am a pharmacist.
6. I LOVE to travel. Domestic or international, it doesn't matter. We have backpacked around Japan with our two boys, we've been to Fiji to do the resort thing and we campervanned from Darwin to Alice Springs. All fabulous trips!
7. I still use a travel backpack when travelling. No suitcases in our household.
8. We backpacked around India for our honeymoon.
9. I was given my first sewing machine as a wedding present from my grandmother. 
10. My husband travels a lot for work, so that is why I get to sew so much. My machines are good company!
11. I love blogging and didn't even imagine the wonderful people I would "meet" and become friends with via the extraordinary sewing blogging community.

You guys rock!

L x


  1. Thanks for sharing a few little tid-bits about you - your Grandmother was a very wise lady to start you off on your sewing journey...J

  2. Oh I didn't realise you had been nominated before. Oh well, your blog is worthy of a second nomination! I used to be a pharmacist too. Perhaps that's why I like your style :)


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