November 23, 2012

Sew: Simplicity 2215 Liberty Dress

Simplicity 2215, how I love thee?! I've made the skirt three times now so it was time for the dress version. I asked you all what to do with this Liberty way back in March. It was a choice between the Colette Peony dress and Simplicity 2215. The Simplicity won out.
Yet, it was almost not meant to be. I had great difficulty with the neckline gaping, both back and front, and was very tempted to cut the bodice off and turn it into a skirt. Wouldn't it be a great skirt with a red grosgrain ribbon as the waistband?!


Despite the temptation I persisted and make a few alterations to achieve the finished result. I inserted two small darts in the back neckline to remove the gaping. Thankfully Liberty prints are very forgiving. I couldn't use darts in the front so I asymmetrically overlapped the front by an extra 1cm at the top to remove the gaping. I then simply stitched the buttons on in a straight line. The bottom four buttons are non-functioning and stitched right through. The top button is also decorative with a snap to close the front. You need that to open so you can get your head out.

Project Details
Pattern: Simplicity 2215 Dress
Fabric: Liberty Tatum Dark Blue from Shaukat
Alterations: Inserted two small darts in back neckline and overlapped front top by an extra 1cm.

I really need to sort out this alteration for back and front neckline gaping. I have noticed it a lot in dresses I made last year which have high necklines. Fit for Real People has no helpful suggestions. Any suggestions?

I'm really pleased with my new Liberty dress. I do love a bit of Liberty. I'm actually sewing a Liberty Lonsdale dress for Mr H's birthday party tomorrow. It is coming together superbly.
I'm off to bake a rainbow cake!! Wish me luck.
L x


  1. I have two 2215s on my sewing table right now. Such a lovely dress and the Liberty fabric makes it sing.

  2. Oh that's a gorgeous print! Funnily I was just looking at this pattern and was contemplating buying it! It actually looks very similar to a vintage pattern I just used (post coming soon). I have the same problem with neckline and back gap, mostly neckline though. I adjust the centre front so it cuts off however much fabric I don't need. I can't remember where I learnt it but just did a quick google search and it's like the first method here:

    For back gape I find myself always removing fabric from the top and tapering down.
    Hope that helps!

  3. Nice! and loving the red belt.

  4. I've done the adjustment like Bohanda has. I've also, depending on the pattern or how I'm feeling, taken a sloping bit off of the shoulder. Like this

  5. Hello, liberty belle! You look super fab, this frock is stunning and it is an all around summer win!

  6. I love it - looks fantastic on you. You definitely made the right decision to keep it as a dress. Love the red belt too.

  7. Really pretty, love the button detail and fabric choice

  8. The dress looks lovely (as does the sunshine!). I often have to adjust patterns for gaping necklines and do it by putting a dart in the neckline of the pattern piece itself. It makes it slightly harder to cut as the paper is no longer completely flat, but creates a tighter neckline in the fabric. I usually take about a cm or so out.

  9. It's really interesting to see this dress on you! Thanks for the encouragement for my own version! Yours looks absolutely lovely and I'm wondering if a lighter fabric choice might not be the solution... The skirt does look fabulous indeed in this fabric! we shall see... :-)


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