November 25, 2012

Sew: Liberty Lonsdale Dress

I'm on a bit of a Liberty roll at the moment. This is my second Liberty dress this week! Plus I have a Liberty Grainline Scout tee cut out and waiting. Maybe I can make it three in a week...

This project has been on my list since the end of last Summer but Winter rolled in and it was put aside waiting for some warm weather. I pulled it out last week hoping to make it up for Mr H's birthday party. Thankfully it was a very simple and enjoyable project. That didn't stop me from hemming it two hours before the guests arrived!

Project Details
Pattern: Sewaholic Lonsdale Dress
Fabric: Liberty Amy Hurrell Blue from Shaukat
Alterations: Used 4cm seam allowance for centre back (will go down a size next time).

I am still getting used to Liberty prints. The patterns are lovely but some of the fine patterns look lighter from a distance.  The Amy Hurrell print looks quite dark and blue up close but when made in to a dress and from a distance the print looks quite pale. I am used to wearing dark prints and just need to keep this in mind.

Two of the party guests were also wearing handmade Liberty dresses. So we got a photo of the Liberty ladies. Unfortunately the light was not good.

We had a lovely afternoon with friends to celebrate Mr H's 2nd birthday. I feel a great sense of achievement to have made it sanely to 4 years of motherhood and 2 years of Mr H. Mr H has been trouble since his arrival with a stint in NICU with neonatal meningitis, two separate eye injuries and a partial thumb amputation. But we've made it. I did however recently do a paediatric first aid course...
Happy 2nd Birthday Mr H!! We love you to the moon and back. 

The last minute madness may have been associated more with the cake than the dress. Look at this masterpiece!! It was a Vanilla Bean Rainbow Layer Cake with Vanilla Bean Frosting and it was awesome.

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. We certainly did. I'm off to recover from that rainbow cake and to find out how to make a Lightning McQueen cake for a soon to be 4 year old...

Wish me luck!

L x


  1. Looks like the perfect Summer dress. I love the neckline on the Lonsdale - perfect for showing off a nice set of shoulders. That cake looks does the Liberty trio.

  2. I so love your dress. You look radiant in it. I agree that Liberty prints for some reason seem so hard to photograph. Great job on the cake.

  3. Very stylish dress. I find it so hard to beleive that is the fabric you used - it looks so different in the photos. Cake looks devine.

  4. It looks even better in person! And the cake was delicious!!

  5. Lovely! The lonsdale silhouette looks fabulous on you, and who doesn't love Liberty. That cake looks like a real feat! Very cool :)

  6. Lovely Liberty ladies. And sewing two hours before? Bags of time. The cake looks wonderful.

  7. Congrats on making it (4 and 2) years! I actually like the paler colours in the print for you - it's not too light to wash you out, it's a nice balance.

  8. This post is awesome!!! Dresses and rainbow cake!!!!!!
    Happy 2nd Birthday Mr H! <3

  9. The rainbow cakes are so popular! I agree with Sarah the pale print looks lovely on you, you look a bit more tanned than usual.
    I have to say the lonsdale dress never appealed to me before but seeing your version it looks great. :)
    Thanks for your tips and congratulations.

  10. Lovely dress it looks great on you!

  11. This dress is fabulous and I bow to your incredible cake baking prowess.

    By the way... I hope that you don't mind, I've nominated you for a The One Lovely Blog Award / The Very Inspiring Blogger Award.
    I can't find out where the idea originated but it seems a lovely way of thanking the creators of the blogs that I find the most enjoyable and inspiring.
    Thanks! My post about the award(s) is here


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