September 08, 2012

Cook: Sausage Rolls

Who doesn't like a good sausage roll? One of my boys is a huge fan, so I made these for lunch the other day.

500g lean beef mince
1 x grated carrot
1 x grated zucchini
1 x grated brown onion
Plus a good whack of salt, pepper, garlic and worcestershire sauce
3 sheets of puff pastry

Mix mince, vegetables and seasonings together until well mixed.

Cut each sheet of puff pastry in half and put a decent line of mince mixture down each half. Roll pastry around mince and press to secure. Cut each roll into 4 even pieces. Brush with an egg wash and bake in a moderate oven (180C) until golden brown. 
Serve with tomato relish for best results! Yum!
L x

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