October 24, 2016

Sew: Cashmerette Appleton Dress

As always, I'm late to the party with this pattern. I like to see how everyone else goes before I attempt a pattern!

The pattern is of course the Cashmerette Appleton wrap dress. I do love a good wrap dress but the last one I made slips off my shoulders so I get sore shoulders when I wear it. The Appleton stays exactly where it is supposed to. The wrap provides good coverage up top and I won't need to wear a slip underneath (when the weather finally warms up!). I find the top layer of skirt drops down when I wear it. This is fixed if I tie it up under my breast but the wrap wants to tie around my waist where I prefer it to tie. I will need to look in to this more before I make my next version. I'm planning a plain black one next.

The fabric is a viscose knit that I picked up at the House of Cloth a few weeks ago when I went to Bendigo with some fellow sewing ladies. It was hanging in the window and I couldn't walk past. I love the colour. The fabric is pilling slightly where it rubs against something, like my work lanyard or under my arms. We'll see how it goes. The only other issue with the fabric is that the tie is a little to heavy for the fabric and I can't pull it too tightly around me. I'll use a thicker knit with more stretch next time.

Project Details
Pattern: Cashmerette Appleton Dress, size 16
Fabric: Viscose jersey from House of Cloth
Alterations: Lengthened skirt by 6cm
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