July 19, 2016

Sew: Grey Tessuti Sydney Jacket (again!)

I love the look of my first grey Sydney jacket but the wool is not soft and not comfortable to wear. When I made my second Sydney jacket this year, I loved the softness of the boiled wool so much that I couldn't bring myself to wear the first grey one anymore. I always opted for the softer "grilled eggplant" one. So I decided to buy some grey boiled wool to make a jacket to replace my original Sydney jacket. And geez I love it so!

My father calls it my blanket jacket and it secretly is a blanket I suppose. But a stylish blanket!

The wool is a boiled wool from The Drapery online. I bought the one that had a machine fault every 30cm (now sold out). It is lovely and soft and the perfect grey colour.

I did extend the sleeves this time by 10cm but I'm not convinced about them. They seem to catch on my elbows when I bend my arms. I may go back and chop them off. At least it's easy with this pattern!

Project Details
Pattern: Tessuti Fabrics Sydney Jacket, size L
Fabric: Boiled wool from The Drapery
Alterations: Extended sleeves by 10cm
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