January 05, 2015

Sew: Colette Patterns Negroni Shirt in Liberty Samols

For the second year in a row, I made my husband a Liberty shirt for Christmas. He gets other gifts but I love the idea of giving him a handmade with love Liberty shirt. I think I've found myself a new tradition!

His last Liberty shirt has been a definite winner. He wears it a lot. You can see his 2013 Christmas shirt here.

This shirt was inspired by a shirt I saw in a shop window early one morning while walking through Melbourne Central. I could see the price tag, which was well in excess of $300, and thought there was Liberty fabric which was similar and that I could make my own sailboat shirt. To my surprise, the Liberty fabric was tiny little pirate ships. Bonus!

Try not to stare at the fabric too much, it gives you a bit of a head spin and headache. These photos are in focus but the print makes them look blurred. There is no horizontal pattern in this print but there is a vertical pattern which was a bit tricky for me. I deliberately did not match the pattern on the pocket. Living on the edge!

Project Details
Pattern: Colette Patterns Negroni shirt, size L
Fabric: Royal blue on white Samols Liberty of London cotton lawn from Shaukat
Alterations: Shortened sleeves by 7cm
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I love making Liberty shirts. The process is very soothing and enjoyable. It is an extra bonus that he he clearly enjoys wearing them.

L x


  1. Well done on the shirt. It looks great.

  2. what amazing fabric, and the pattern is busy enough that the not matched pocket is not at all obvious

  3. Now who *wouldn't* want a pirate shirt?! I just made a Negroni for my friend Anthony for Christmas and he loves it too - it's an awesome basic slim fit shirt. http://www.cashmerette.com/2014/12/a-colette-negroni-for-west-coast.html

  4. Yarrrr! This be the cat's pyjamas! SO cool!

  5. This is fabulous - I adore that print - and that he clearly appreciates his Liberty Negroni's ;)

  6. Very nice shirt and that fabric makes it unique (in a good way). My husband keeps reminding me to make one for him. The Negroni looks like a great pattern.

  7. The fabric is definitely in the realm of magic eye! But I like that :) Everytime I come across the Negroni pattern in my stash I think I really should get on and just damn well sew it up... It's lovely.


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