October 31, 2014

Sew: Tessuti Laura Pant in Denim

I sewed something!! These were meant to be made out of cobalt blue linen but I accidentally bought the wrong amount. I was determined to sew something so I dug through my stash and found this length of denim left over from my crazy kid shorts and pants sewing days. I love this denim.

I've mentioned before that the basic items of our wardrobes are the hardest to photograph and blog. These were no exception. Rachel tried to take photos today at the park but it was super sunny. These are the best we could do.

There's nothing much to report about this make. They came together beautifully and quickly. I will increase the back rise by 1.5cm next time and possibly lengthen them by 7.5cm. I noticed in the pattern photos that they're designed to hit the ankle and mine clearly don't. However, I don't mind them this length.

They are a much needed pair of basic pants! I did go back and buy more cobalt blue linen. So watch out for another pair of Laura pants soon!

Project Details
Pattern: Tessuti Laura Pant, size XL
Fabric: Texan Light Weight Denim from Kelani Fabrics
Alterations: None

PS. I noticed that this Country Road top is very much like the new Tessuti Alice top pattern. I'm stoked that I can now replicate my fave summer top! I plan to dive in to my stash again this weekend...


  1. I like them that length - I don't think you need to lengthen much, if at all! Perfect pairing with your CR top - and great you can copy it.

  2. Lovely! I was at Tessuti yesterday checking out the Laura Pant sample, I too thinking of making them in navy linen. They look great on you, thanks for sharing!

  3. I need pants like these so badly. Love your top too.

  4. One: These pants are freaking AWESOME! Gotta love a basic.
    Two: That top. Totes jel!

  5. Thanks Amanda! I was a bit concerned the pants were a bit old lady-ish but I love them.

  6. Navy would be great. I think a black linen pair will be next but then I'd like a print linen. Polka dots or something??

  7. Polka dots! Yes that would look fantastic. I wonder if Tessuti can find us some linen with polka dots or chambray perhaps. ;-)


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