February 21, 2014

Help: School Fete Craft Ideas

My first school fete is coming up next month and I really want to make some things to donate to the craft stall. The only problem is, I have no idea what to make. So I need your help! Give me your best suggestions of what I should make. Better yet, include a link in the comments to a pattern, photo or blog post. I have copious amounts of Liberty scraps.

Help a girl out!! Please. I'm begging you. Thanks in advance!

L x


  1. Lavender filled sachets to hang in your closet? Always a hit!

  2. Along that same vein, eye masks or bags with lavender or just flaxseed. (My mom sleeps with one every night!) Zipper pouches or even crayon/marker roll-ups. I need to make one for myself since I have six or seven markers living at the bottom of my bag!

  3. Liberty hankies? Little softies with liberty bits? I would always go for a little zippered pouch. I think Top Notch recently made some Liberty envelopes too. Love a school fete!

  4. I made some fabric covered buttons into hair clips for a stall recently. Cirque du bebe did a little tutorial. They'd be lovely in liberty :)

  5. Aaah, soon you will be running the craft stall. Beware! I usually do tissue pockets and zippered pouches. Sometimes bib and baby kerchiefs sell well and sometimes bags. My experience is that not much sells over $10 but this will depend on the demographic of your school.

  6. Hi Leith,

    These are both quick and easy and require very little fabric.

    Hairkerchiefs - http://jchandmade.typepad.com/jc_handmade/2009/07/make-it-5minute-hairkerchief.html

    Headbands -

  7. Hi Leith, If you go into my Pinterest account, under my name, look in 'Craft and Sewing Inspiration'. I have made things for many craft stalls and fetes and I cannot help myself and I pin heaps of things that would make great fete items to sell. Christmas decorations are always good sellers, no matter what time of the year. Be careful not to be too keen otherwise you will be running all future stalls just as Kirsty Bunfield wrote. That is what happened to me.

  8. http://www.dogundermydesk.com/category/tutorials/ Many ideas for small amounts of fabric here. The earbud pouches are always good but take a while to sew.
    Cut shapes from the liberty fabric and appliqué onto toddler tees.
    Pouches for small packs of tissues, sold with the tissues inside.
    Fabric flowers on a hair tie, or fabric scrunchies.
    For added élan, bundle the scrunchy, pouch & tshirt together...

    Pleas can you tell us what you make?

  9. Flower hair clips are good, and look lovely in Liberty fabric. Lots of tutorials on the interwebs, and I'm doing one myself for Sew Grateful week!

  10. Kids messenger bags are popular around my way, and they sew up very quickly. Here is a great tutorial...


  11. Play dough obviously has nothing to do with Liberty but I have always found that this disappears off the stall very quickly. These were popular - http://tipnut.com/make-your-own-microwave-heating-pad/ and these were a great seller - http://www.pinterest.com/pin/54746951693727490/
    Aprons were very popular too but again not from Liberty scraps.

  12. Agree with Kirsty- nothing too pricey or it won't sell. With our school craft stall, we try to have a mix of "pocket money" items kids can buy ( including a couple of choices for boys, always the tricky one!); as well as "gift" items for adults to buy ( hopefully as a gift for someone). Hair clips & other hair do dads sell well, especially in school uniform colours. We used an outgrown & torn school dress to cover self cover buttons & make hair elastics. Mini wallets and wrist cuffs for boys, and our mini felt "cookie cutter critters" nearly always sell out! Pics at my blog coburgcraftstuff- search for school fete/ craft stall sewing. Good luck, will try & come to you fete for a look ( I'm on the PFA & fete committee, so try to get to as many school fetes as I can, for "research"!


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