July 09, 2013

Tip: Overlocker Service

A few months ago I was considering buying a new overlocker. Mine was playing up despite being serviced regularly. The darn thing was so noisy and clunky. I was reluctant to get it serviced again as it all starts to add up but it was my grandmother's so I was hesitant to upgrade. If anyone could rock a handmade ponti pant suit it was my barely 5 foot tall Gran!!

The other problem with getting your machines serviced is the inconvenience of taking them to the store, wrangling two kids and an overlocker down the street whilst trying to avoid dropping said overlocker and not losing a kid is not my idea of fun. On top of that is the time it takes to get the machines serviced! Stores often don't service the machines in-house but get someone to pick them up once a week and then you have to wait another week or two for it to be returned. You can be without your beloved overlocker for quite a significant time!!

So I was beside myself with excitement when I stumbled upon a newly opened sewing machine shop & repair service within a kilometre of my house with parking right out front (don't even need to remove the kids from the car if I stand in the doorway!!). I decided to take the plunge and drop it off for a service. I was told that it would take a few days and was very surprised when they rang within 24 hours to say it was ready! All for less than $90.

That was a few weeks ago and I am pleased to report that my 20 year old Huskylock 905 is now purring like a kitten!!

L x


  1. Coool!! It's hard to find a good repair service place for our machines and when we find one, they are keepers!!

  2. Less than $90 is a bargain! I once wrangled a twin pram and my then-new sewing machine into a repair shop because it wouldn't sew only to learn I had left the buttonhole lever down and that was why. Embarrassing!!

  3. Good news about finding someone to service your machine so close by. I am dreading taking my machines in for servicing as I am worried by the time it could take. Hopefully my story will be similiar to yours.

  4. Perfect timing as I've just knocked my timing out adjusting the tension for ponti/ponte - sigh ;( I'm dreading the saga of negotiating the drop off, and the waaiiiiitttt (4 and 6 weeks last year), let alone the $$$.... I always appreciate knowing someone else's done the leg work, thanks for posting ;)

    1. A brief update as they really are lovely! My overlocker hit the floor before Christmas (serious smashing ensued), & he had it up & working in a matter of days for $90 - phew! The sewing machine benefited from a tune up as well. Thanks again for posting.

    2. Oh I'm so glad to hear this!! I need to get my Pfaff machine serviced soon.

  5. Thank you for posting this. I have noted down the details for future reference.

  6. Noted! Thank you.


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