July 19, 2013

Snap: My Week

Life according to my phone this week has been busy! But, hey!, what's new??

We went in to the city last weekend as a family to do some errands, explore the laneways and eat crepes. Unfortunately, we had to leave Mr Sew Brunswick in there as he had an excessive amount of work to do. Mr N has been watching me pose for photos for this little blog and is getting quite good at posing. We were in the lane next to David Jones, between Little Collins and Bourke Street. He wasn't too sure about street art. It must be a bit confusing for a little kid. He's always being told not to draw on the furniture or walls and then people paint all over the buildings!!

My Anise jacket is coming along nicely. I discovered I had one shoulder quite a lot lower than the other. In this photo I'm wearing only one should pad. That was a quick fix to my lopsidedness. I hope to finish the jacket lining this afternoon as the boys are playing together quite nicely. That could change at any moment!

I briefly watched a performance by a group of singing undergraduates from Harvard. They were highly entertaining.

Mr N seems to be quite the artist. He is always drawing and colouring. He loves it!! I've finally succumbed to putting magnets on my fridge. It only took 4.5 years of motherhood to come around to the idea...

I've been running again. So far, so good. Although the stress fracture is a little sore after running with the boys yesterday. We went to Royal Park on a stormy morning. It is a great park for scooting and running. There's not a lot of people around and the boys can scoot away without worrying too much about cars and people. It also has this amazing view over the city.

After mentioning last week that I really wanted to buy more of this fabric for a maxi dress. Lisa kindly sent me an email saying they had 2.6m left in the Melbourne store. I quickly snatched it up! It's already washed and ready. I just can't decide between a sleeveless maxi and a cap sleeved midi dress. What do you think? I'm thinking a midi dress will be more wearable for my life as a mum.

Every time I pick Mr N up from childcare I also pick up a collection of craft projects and artworks. I love that he loves arts and crafts but seriously, what am I going to do with all this stuff?! Our house is not that big.

Another not-so-quiet week in the Sew Brunswick household. How's everyone else going? Been busy?

L x


  1. What a busy week! I like the idea of a midi dress - so chic yet so comfy and mummy-life friendly.

    1. Just a typical week really! Yes, I think midi too. I have a habit of standing on maxi dresses.

  2. Your jacket is looking good. We get lots of craft and art brought home too. These days the best or most cherished pieces get displayed and the rest is photographed and quietly moved on. Anything 3D gets photographed and recycled quite quickly!

  3. We made friends with a lovely family when our kids were in 4 y/o kinder. They had twins, who were really into their constructions! So the family came up with the novel idea that every time some one cme to visit, they were given some kinder "construction art" as a gift as they walked out the door!

  4. I can so relate, my kids still bring home stuff from after school care. I put some up for display (and rotate with fresh works) and some get discreetly thrown out or we would be drowning in papercraft.

    1. Oh no! I had it set in my mind that it would finish when he went to school!!


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