July 14, 2013

Sew: Stripey Alexa T-top

There is something special about a good stripe t-shirt. I love them. I have many, usually Bonds, that I've worn to death. But this tee is in a whole new category. It's stylish and trendy and fits perfectly. This fabric from Tessuti is the bomb!! It is slightly thick and holds its shape. I've washed it a few times and there is no sign of pilling. I was planning a maxi dress in this fabric for summer but it's sold out!!  

My ultimate domestic duties outfit comprises of an Alexa T-top with a pair of Anita Ponti pants. A match made in heaven. It feels like you're wearing a tracksuit but you actually look presentable. Bonus!!
Project Details
Pattern: Tessuti Alexa T-top, 3/4 sleeve, size XL
Fabric: Yin & Yang Ebony (sold out) from Tessuti Online
Alterations: Lengthened by 5cm, lowered neckline by 7cm
While Mr H was having an unplanned sleep this arvo, I decided to snap a few photos of my recent makes. Mr N was happily watching until he decided to join in....
Being a mother should come with a disclaimer!!

Happy weekend everyone!

L x


  1. I think that the only thing that tops a great fitting Tee is a striped great fitting T. You hit the nail on the head twice with this shirt.

  2. I wish that fabric wasn't sold out! Your tee is perfect with your beads - a stripey tee is a must. X

  3. Your top looks ace! It's the perfect fit for you. BTW, we have a wee bit of that fabric left in Melb...

  4. Awesome top. LOVE the action shots!!

  5. That looks great - I love a stripey t-shirt. Nice necklace, too!

  6. A comfy yet stylish mummy uniform. Gold.

  7. Cute photos, and great striped tee! It's the perfect mum outfit.


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