June 18, 2013

Sew: Tessuti Alexa T-Top

Another knit project?! I know, I know, but they're just so quick and easy and who doesn't love a good t-shirt?? I'm going to start throwing out my unworn, stained and stretched RTW tees. I don't wear them out because they're all looking a bit sad but I don't throw them out and they're taking up precious wardrobe space. In with the new, out with the old!!

I love this pattern. It just seems to fit me perfectly. And I put it together in less than an hour! I lowered the neckline this time as I do like a scooped neck. I simply used one of my fave RTW tops as a guide. I also extended the length as the last two versions are just a tad too short for me. This length is much better and I didn't spend all day pulling it down.

I didn't measure the neckline binding, instead opting to sew only one shoulder seam before doing the neck binding. I then sewed the other should seam once the neck binding was done. This allowed me to sew the neck binding freely using my hands to guide the tension. I slightly stretched the binding, not the neckline, while stitching. It turned out perfectly. This is a good way to go with scoop necks as different knits have different amounts of stretch. I've sewn enough t-shirts to have a good feel for the amount of tension to pull while stitching.

Project Details
Pattern: Tessuti Alexa T-Top, size XL
Fabric: Printed knit from The Fabric Store
Alterations: Lowered front neckline by 7.5cm, extended length by 7cm.

You can probably tell that I'm a bit excited by this pattern. I just wish it wasn't so hard to find good knit fabrics. I did buy a few new pieces from Tessuti, mainly stripes, and I have some black bamboo knit from Clegs lined up for Alexa t-tops.

Look what arrived today!! I have plans people and I'm excited to have my sewjo back again!!

I will share some plans soon. Happy sewing!!

L x


  1. Once again, it looks great. I often do neckline bands/bindings in the way that you describe - I find that it gets the band sitting nicely when you can judge the amount of stretch that your fabric needs rather than being given a predetermined neckband length. Looking forward to hearing about your next lot of sewing plans!

  2. Thank you for the neck binding tip. I know in industry the binding just comes off a big roll and is sewn on with a special machine but I couldn't work out how to get it on the neckline. You just solved it for me.

  3. agreed, - great idea on the neckline binding. Cute top! And who doesn't love packages like that in the mail?!


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