February 11, 2013

Meet: Sydney Sewing Social

Rachel (aka Boo Dogg) & I had a fabulous weekend in Sydney!! Of course we went to the Sydney Sewing Social but we also did some shopping and sightseeing. It was fantastic to spend a weekend away in good company and without the boys. Plus there was lots of Prosecco!

On Saturday morning, we had breakfast with the trendies (and my good friend Kate) in Surry Hills at Four Ate Five before taking Kate on her first ever fabric shopping mission at The Remnant Warehouse. For a beginner she had an exceptional eye for good fabric. I bought a few pieces on her advice and I am so happy with them.

On her way back in to the city, Kate dropped us off at the Dinosaur Designs Extinct Shop. This is the outlet shop for Dinosaur Designs and has lots of discontinued and excess stock items. You should all know by now I LOVE Dinosaur Designs. I have a large collection of necklaces, bangles and earrings. On entering the shop my heart was bounding and I was beyond excited. I ended up with a few pairs of earrings and some salad servers. Perfect!
From there it was on to The Fabric Store for a quick scope of the 50% off Sale before meeting everyone at Tessuti. I am so glad we did this as I found the most divine Lisa Ho red wool coating for my upcoming Lady Grey coat. It wasn't on special but it was beyond perfect so I decided to buy it then and there. Thank goodness, as it was all sold out by the time we returned a few hours later with the Sewing Social ladies.

We had a fabulous time with the Social Sewing ladies. We met in Tessuti before heading to The Fabric Store. Most people left us in The Fabric Store but the stayers all headed to The Clock Hotel for a well earned cold beverage and a good chat.

At the end of the afternoon there was Rachel of The Two Windmills, Christy of Little Betty Sews, Rachel of Boo Dogg & Me plus myself. We headed to Bills for dinner and some more Prosecco! There was great debate over which dessert was best. I think the lemon curd & raspberry trifle won. Overall it was a fabulous day!!

Sunday saw us at Adriano Zumbo cafe bright and early for pastries and coffee. With our 12 pack of macarons in tow, we headed to Circular Quay and the CBD for a wander.

We stayed at The Sebel in Surry Hills which was great. It was between The Fabric Store and Tessuti. What more could we ask for?!

I suppose you are all wondering what I bought on this epic trip to Sydney... I had a well defined list and bought all but one thing on the list. I also picked up two extra pieces which were too good to leave.

This is the beyond beautiful Lisa Ho red wool coating from The Fabric Store that will become a Lady Grey coat.

The denim is a lovely soft denim with a bit of stretch from The Remnant Warehouse for a pair of Juniper pants. The stripe will be a shorter McCalls 6559 with or without sleeves and the black/dark aubergine is for another Vogue 1250.

These lovelies are from Tessuti. I got a brilliant red lycra for a vintage inspired swimsuit and the She Read Red jersey for a draped Vogue 1159

These beauties will all become dresses. A few Simplicity 2444's (the black/white cotton from Tessuti and the purple/green from The Remnant Warehouse) and a few undecided patterns. I bought extra of a floral silk to line a future Anise Jacket.

So overall a beyond fabulous weekend which may have to become an annual event.

L x


  1. Looks like you had a fantastic weekend and some unbelievable purchases. Your Lisa Ho is divine.

  2. Sounds wonderful! Wish I had access to such an event!

  3. If someone mugs you and the red wool goes missing, I had nothing to do with it. What a fab day :)

  4. The Sebel... noting that down! I wish I could have been there, you ladies look like yo're having such a great time. Jellllllyyyyy!

  5. You know I had an awesome time!!! I was sooooo tired on monday!

  6. Lovely to see you and I love the haul of goodies! BTW - Brown sugar pav was the best :)

  7. Superb fabric scores, and how I wish that I was at the dinner with you ladies!

  8. Greats times and great haul! I love all the patterned fabrics especially :)


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