January 21, 2013

Table: McCalls 6611 Drape Jacket

What's on my sewing table this week? McCalls 6611 drape jacket is still on my table. I am determined to get this jacket right and finished before moving on (or back) to my next project, The Moss Mini skirt. This jacket should be called the labour of love jacket. I almost threw it in the bin last night but Rachel convinced me not to.
This is what it looked like yesterday afternoon....
My original alterations were disastrous! I lengthened the jacket by 10cm and left the peplum off. The jacket was very boxy and bunching over my hips. It also made me look very wide through the waist. Not flattering at all!
So I went back to the drawing board and cut out the peplum as well as removing 8cm of the extra length I'd added. The waist seam really needs to sit on my natural waist. I also reshaped and reduced the size of the drapes.
This is what it looks like tonight...

I am liking it soooooo much more with the addition of the peplum. The peplum really balances out the drape and defines the waist.

It is at the point of hemming the sleeves and lining. But I wonder about that extra fabric along the princess seam. Should I pinch out this fabric before finishing it or not worry about it?? I've already finished the sleeves so I don't want to mess with those. I find most patterns are a bit baggy at this upper chest area and I probably should have looked at this before now...

Any suggestions? Does it still look like a dud or am I being a bit harsh on it? It has just taken so much time and energy.

L x


  1. Looking good! The fabric is fabulous.
    Will that bit of extra fabric annoy you? If yes, I'd sort it now..if no.......

  2. Jacket looks great with the peplum. I personally would pinch out the extra fabric as I think it will balance the front better and will probably smooth out the side fabric where it pulls diagonally, between the bust and the hips. That would mean undoing the peplum though, I would guess, which is a pain. If you are on your way to really liking it this jacket after all the work you've put in, then spending an extra hour getting it right will mean you will probably actually wear it. I find with clothes that I didn't tweak to perfection that I am quite unforgiving on them and always overlook them in the wardrobe!

  3. The peplum definitely adds to the structure of the piece. I think pinching out the excess fabric will help create a really clean look. It depends on how invested you are in the piece. If you're hoping to get a lot of wear out of it I think it would be worth the time :)

  4. Looks much better. I must say that in the line drawing, I don't think the peplum appeals to me, but this comparison certainly shows it needs to be there.

  5. I'm really liking the shape of the jacket with the peplum. Looks like it's all coming together. I think I'd have to see the jacket on to comment on the princess seams. It definitely doesn't belong in the bin.

  6. Your jacket is looking good. I agree that it would be worth working for a better fit at the princess seams.

  7. Gosh, that went from nightmarish from looking pretty shmick! The peplum gives so much to this pattern. I always think it's worth taking the extra time to get it right ;)
    Glad you can make it to high tea - and oops, I hadn't realised sneaky Easter was cramping my date selection! Fingers crossed the 7th stays free :)

  8. I think it looks great! Also love the dress thats on the mannequin!

  9. You always inspire me with your projects!! We are very similar in body shape and size, and seeing your projects finished and in progress has given me some ideas about what I could try making and adding to my wardrobe. Love your work :-)

  10. I have recently been taught that because I have upper body figure problems
    to make a toile and believe me it is much easier especially if you are not
    confident about the style. If you do not like the toile you can pitch it or re use the fabric but once the "real" fabric for want of a better word is cut it is too late aithout lots of adjustment having to be made.

  11. The peplum does really balance out the proportions. I love the look of this jacket - terrific combination of pattern and fabric, in my opinion! I'm looking forward to seeing it finished on you.


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