November 18, 2012

Meet: Melbourne Sewists

What better way to spend your Saturday afternoon than with a few friends fabric shopping, talking all things sewing, drinking beer and eating pizza?! Seriously I was in heaven. We met at The Fabric Store on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy and then proceeded on down the street to the Alannah Hill & Gorman fabric outlet, before grabbing a table at Little Creatures Beer Hall. A lovely afternoon with lovely people.

I had sneakily been to The Fabric Store on Thursday as my mother-in-law is in town from Toowoomba and asked if we could go to a decent fabric shop. I'd grabbed two gorgeous pieces on Thursday but had my eye on the Marc Jacobs leaf print. So that was the first thing I grabbed when I went back on Saturday to meet my fellow Melbourne sewists. I then mentioned to the lady that I was after a bright coloured stretch cotton to make another pair of Clovers. She reappeared about 10 minutes later with a fabulous bright orange stretch cotton drill. Perfect!

I'd never been to the Alannah Hill fabric outlet as it involves stairs and I usually have the boys and a pram with me. So I was keen to check it out. You have to be prepared to put some work in to finding the good stuff but I did spot a Liberty jersey and an amazing red wool crepe from Alannah Hill.

In the photo we have my recent fabric purchases. On the top we have a printed cotton sateen from Spotlight (my local is closing down so I had to buy something!), I'm going to make Vogue 8667. Then we have the orange stretch drill for a pair of clovers and the Marc Jacobs leaf print cotton/silk for a Grainline Scout Tee. The red wool crepe is for Vogue 8787 with the cowl neckline. On the bottom is a silk print for a Colette Sencha, a Marc Jacobs cotton sateen for another New Look 6000 and the Liberty Jersey for a few pairs of undies.

So much for my "No more fabric!" pledge... Time to fire up the machines and get sewing!!

Thanks ladies for a fabulous Saturday. Lets do it again soon.

L x


  1. What a great day out. We love Little Creature here in our house...and top that with friends and fabric shopping and it's pretty close to perfect :) Mind you, I have just posted about my fabric addiction, so I'm not sure it would be safe to let me near a shop for a while...

  2. Hey - everyone is posting about their great fabric buys and I am starting to feel like I am missing out. :D
    I am in Toowoomba too and I totally understand why your MIL would want to shop for fabric while visiting you. We have a little sewing circle going (not ASG) if your MIL is looking for a group tell her to get in touch with me. Email details on my blog. :)

  3. Looks like u guys had a great time! I have to make the next one, i have to!

  4. Absolutely loved it. Thanks agin!

  5. Wooo! Nice pics and purchases. So bummed I was away that weekend. I'll be there next time, for sure! :)


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