September 10, 2012

Sew: Vogue 8787


Item 3 of my work wardrobe overhaul is Vogue 8787 in a black ponti knit. This pattern was a complete impulse buy whilst I was searching for another pattern. There are very limited versions of this dress on the internet which made me quite suspicious. Nothing to worry about, I am really pleased with this make. Well, I should say I was very happy until I saw these photos... Lumpy bumpy!

The pattern is a Very Easy Vogue (which I think is a bit of a stretch) for a fully lined dress with two neckline variations and two skirt variations. This was my wearable muslin as I was planning on the cowl neckline in a blueberry ponti but wanted to check the fit first. I made two sway back adjustments, removing 2 cm from above and below the waistband. I re-straightened the grainline following this adjustment to remove approximately 2cm from each side of the back neckline. Most dresses gape at the back neckline on me. I made a size 20, removing an extra 1cm from the side seams and centre back seam. I will make a size 18 in future. I could also size the bodice down another side as well. It is slightly too big and bags a bit.

I recommend sewing the dress and lining as separate pieces and wait until all the fitting is done before putting them together. The pattern instructions have you making the lined bodice first and then the lined skirt before attaching them together.  I could have done a better job of the fitting but the bodice was all lined and sealed by the time I realised and there was no way I was unpicking it.

I have now decided on a peplum top and pencil skirt for the blueberry ponti so will have to find another fabric for the cowl neck version. The ponti knit is probably a bit thick for this pattern. I quite like the idea of an emerald green or burnt orange crepe.

Project Details
Pattern: Very Easy Vogue 8787
Fabric: Black Ponti from Rathdowne Fabrics (same as my Simplicity 2250 jacket), lining from Clegs
Alterations: Sway back adjustment, lengthened by 10cm, removed excess from back neckline

So, what do you think? A winner or a loser?

On another topic, what do you use for managing your photos and loading them on to your blog? I'm having trouble with the quality of the images I load. Any suggestions? Tips or programs I should use?

L x


  1. Leith, I think that it's definitely a winner!

  2. Definitely a winner. I do believe as seamstresses we are decidedly over critical of our work. Something that we would love if it was ready to wear, we are disappointed with if we have made it.

    This is a beautiful dress and you look beautiful in it.

    Any minor tweaks are just that...minor...and can be ironed out in the next version.

  3. I agree, this is a really beautiful dress. I haven't seen this pattern before but will have to keep my eye out for it- it's classic but with enough detail to keep it interesting but wearable!

  4. I'm joining the chorus, it's lovely and definitely a winner. If there are things about it that you're not as happy with as you might be, they can be fixed next time. Meanwhile, you have a very classy dress for work (work? Heck, if that were mine, it would be for Sunday best.)

  5. Definitely a winner, it looks great on you

  6. Winner! It suites you and you really look great in it.
    I have made the same dress this year ... as well wearable muslin. I used only top and for the below part I used simple skirt pattern.

  7. I'm so glad you posted this cause I'm thinking of doing a dress with zip and back vent in ponte as well but didn't know if I had to omit them to make it work - now I know I don't! :)

    I think your dress looks very elegant :)

    As for blog images, I use Wordpress and find it handles media really well :)

  8. This is a lovely dress. I would put it on my wish list but it is already overflowing!

  9. It's a winner. It is a lovely dress.

  10. That looks fabulous! I've been wanting to make a ponte dress, and you make this pattern look like a winner! What kind of lining did you use?

  11. I think it is a winner. A nice smart wardobe item.
    For blog images I use Flickr and link to the images in the html bit, seems to work ok so far.

  12. I like it on you. And the neckline is cute!

  13. Definitely a winner. The bodice has a really nice shape to it. Love the splash of orange against the dress.

  14. It's a winner - great dress and looks great.

    You might want to look at whether there is too much fabric between neck and waistline (specifically the top of the waistband panel). It might be that piece is too long.

    As for the bumps - you could allow a bit more in the seat, or get some of the 'no show' knickers (not sure what they are called but I need some so I should find out!) and/or ones that provide more, umm, coverage so that the line doesn't show. Also, some lat pull-downs! I only say this from experience...

    I think the dress looks better on you than on the model - I wouldn't have bought it based on the pic - she's so elongated it looks like one of us mere mortals wouldn't have a chance in it.

    So, the pattern co. should thank you for showing off their pattern!!

  15. PS the lat pull downs are for neck/shoulders, not for bottom!

  16. It's a great work dress with some nice details. Yours looks much classier than the one on the pattern envelope.

  17. Hi Leith, great frock, looks fabulous. I have been out of sewing for a while (err, about 17 years...but I am embracing it again with vigour) and I am baffled with the sizing of contemporary patterns. You say you made up a size 20, yet my sister wears size 20 RTW and she is a large lady. Your figure looks to be nicely proportioned and certainly petite compared to RTW size 20. Once upon a time I fitted a pattern straight out of the packet but I have found that I have these mysterious lumps in odd places now which require quite a lot of adjustments.....

  18. Ooooh, I love it. The neckline is wonderful, and the fit is so flattering - no bumps or lumps!

  19. Definite WINNER! I just stumbled across your blog a few days ago and have really enjoyed visiting. I am still making my way thru your posts. You seem to really know your body type (or maybe you just have great taste) because everything looks great on you! I can't wait to see what's next so I have become your newest follower. Thanks for sharing all the pattern details. Very helpful.

    1. Welcome to Sew Brunswick! Thanks, it has taken years of fine tuning but I think I've finally worked out how to match patterns and fabrics to my body type. I am certainly getting better.


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