August 11, 2012

Travel: Fiji

Bula! We spent the week in Fiji having a lovely time swimming, eating and drinking cocktails. This was our first resort holiday ever. Not sure if we're converted but we had a lovely time. Who wouldn't with views like this?!

Right outside our deck...

From our dinner spot...

And by the pool...

Trip Details
Travel Agent: Holiday Specialists
Airline: Air Pacific

If you've got young kids I couldn't recommend the Shangri-La enough. By day 3, most staff knew our boys by name. And they really, genuinely love children. There's a Little Chiefs Club and if you want babysitting, you get the same lady for the whole stay. The boys loved their carer, Sisi. There are ramps everywhere for strollers and lots of kids menus and activities. Plus, there is an adults only pool and restaurant for when the babysitter is on duty and you don't want to deal with other people's children!!

Although I don't think we'll be giving up our backpacks for suitcases and resorts any time soon, it was a lovely way to spend a week with my family.

On a sewing note, I am pleased to report that my Kwik Sew 3609 swimsuit was an absolute winner! I am dreaming of another in a black and white stripe with thinner straps plus I think I may brave a high-waisted bikini set in a similar floral print. Also, has anyone seen Gertie's recent Betty High Waist Panties obsession? Aren't they fabulous? I'm very tempted to give them a go. Has anyone tried them?

L x


  1. Ooh lucky you. Your holiday looks fabulous (as do your bathers!)

  2. So glad to hear your new swimsuit was up o the task. What a glorious looking holiday.

  3. Oooh that swimsuit is a total winner! Love the fabric you used for it - really suits you. I loved holidaying in Fiji too - but like you, I prefer something a little more adventurous. Although I'm certainly not one to pass up chilling by the pool for a week or so!
    Gertie has won me over... I've been stocking supplies for the day I start working on some of my own :)


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