August 13, 2012

Snap: Lost in a Fabric Shop

I thought you all might appreciate these photos my Dad snapped of my Mum shopping in a fabric shop in Roma.

How do you find anything in there? How do you not lose a kid in there?!

L x
Update: My mum tells me it wasn't actually Spotlight but just a fabric store. For risk of upsetting Spotlight, I've changed it. But it could have been a Spotlight... 


  1. How do you survive when there's an avalanche at Fabric Mountain? Your mother's a brave woman, walking past all that!

  2. My goodness! That is insane!

  3. some Spotlights do have that treasure trove feeling to them, but they sometimes have great bargains. My local Spotlight for example is frequently 'bursting it's seams', but I have gotten some really great and cheap remnants from them. Having said that, only in a extreme case of emergency will I take my 3 year old daughter along with me :-)

    the yellow fake fur on top of the pile in the second picture is just screaming chicken costume, hmmm

  4. Blimey - I thought the Brunswick Spotlight was bad... i noticed they've reorganised it a bit, but it still needs a LOT of love, having a neglected, depressing air. The one near my parents in the outer east is a bit nicer, but even that has gone downhill - it used to have a great collection of patchwork fabrics but that's halved.

  5. That is just crazy. I can imagine avalanches happen quite frequently.

  6. Wow - I thought my local Spotlight was bad!! I think there would some good treasures in there if you were game enough to look and had enough time. One might to send in a search party after a while if I was in there!!

    1. OMG, I know my Spotlight is disorganised but this is taking disorganization to a whole new level. I could get lost for a week in there.

  7. I went to South Melbourne store this week and I found that was overwhelming enough, there was way too much going on, too much to look at and not enough room for all the fabrics!
    Seriously, someone should call worksafe on that store! So unsafe, especially with children in the store.


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