August 31, 2012

Sew: Under Fire Vogue 1027

I love this pattern. I love this fabric. Match made in heaven!

This dress has been made for a week. Patiently hanging while the bias in the skirt stabilised enough for hemming. Then hanging some more, waiting for me to actually wear it. Our house has been full of the lurgy. My youngest then got croup and now he has a raging fever. Bring on spring, I say!! So please excuse the pink eyes, dark circles and uncontrollable hair.

This is my third version of this dress. From previous experience, I shortened the skirt by 20cm and shortened the tie by a total of approximately 50cm, to prevent me from continuously standing on them whilst bending down to pick things up or playing with the boys. I also overlapped the front bodice pieces by an extra 2.5cm to prevent further wardrobe malfunctions.

As the weight of the fabric is quite significant in this dress, I stabilised the shoulder seams with a cotton drill tape. I avoided the armscye and simply turned the edge in by 1cm and used a twin needle. This is what I've done on all versions with great success. And for this version, I used some techniques from my swimsuit sewing by inserting elastic around the waist seam at the back only and topstitching it down with a triple zig-zag stitch.

Project Details
Pattern: Vogue 1027
Fabric: Under Fire viscose/elastane jersey from Tessuti Melbourne
  • Shortened skirt by 20cm (possibly a little too much)
  • Shortened tie by 1/3 (50cm)
  • Overlapped bodice by an extra 2.5cm
  • Stabilised shoulder seams with cotton tape
  • Went down 2 sizes - usually a size 18 in Vogue (cut a 14)

 I really like this dress but am not feeling the love looking at these photos of me actually in it. What do you think?
On my sewing table today is a Colette Negroni shirt for Mr Sew Brunswick as a Father's Day present. It is coming along surprisingly well. It will compliment the many paintings and presents made at childcare perfectly.
What's on your sewing table this weekend?
L x


  1. Definitely love it! Great match of fabric and pattern. I hope that your household are all feeling much better very soon!

  2. Oooh the fabric has been put to use! I really like this on you, and am definitely attracted to that pattern. I may just have to add it to my list. Looking forward to hearing how the Negroni goes down (hehe) - looks like something I'd like to try for my beau. I'm sewing up a simple party frock this weekend - for a wedding I have to attend the next! Yay for relaxing sewing!

    1. It is a great pattern. Very comfy yet a little stylish. Oh, simple! I'd like to see that!!

  3. What fantastic fabric. It looks great made up with that pattern.

  4. You are right...the fabric and pattern are a perfect match! It's great when you find a favourite pattern that you can make more than once :)

  5. Am fighting the urge to buy this fabric and copy this dress!! Damn your fabulous dress!

    Hope the lurgy passes quickly and good luck with the man sewing.

    1. I think it is all sold out!! My sister-in-law tried to buy it this afternoon and there was not enough on the bolt.

  6. I love your dress - the fabric really makes it. If I wasn't on a self imposed fabric diet I would have added some to my stash.

    Hope everyone's feeling better soon.

    1. thanks! It feels so good to be clearing out the stash. This fabric never actually made it into the cupboard!


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