August 20, 2012

Meet: Melbourne Sewists

On Saturday, Rachel organised a sewing meet-up in the city. Any interested parties met in Tessuti for a spot of shopping before descending on Federation Square for a few drinks. It was a fabulous afternoon and it certainly has been a long time since I rode the train home on a Saturday night with a few drinks under my belt!! One of the best things about meeting fellow sewing enthusiasts is talking in pattern numbers. Fantastic!

Most people were sewing bloggers but there were a few non-bloggers who came along. Here's the attendance list!

Rocket Sews - Kirsty
The Two Windmills - Rachel
Little Betty - Christy
Funkbunny's  Kitchen Garden - Helen
Bella's Collectanea of Sewing - Belle
The Perfect Nose - TJ
Sew Squirrel - Sarah
My Messings - Rachel
All the Whimsical Things - Kat
Sew Love Red - Robyn
Thornberry - Lara
Seamstress: Poppykettle - Melanie
Boo Dogg & Me - Rachel
Sue A

Apologies if I missed anyone.

It was a fabulous afternoon and I hope to do it again soon.

Now, on to my fabric selections. I am documenting them here now so Christy (aka Little Betty) does not claim them as her own ideas!!

These three pieces will become my Freddie vest. Rachel & I are doing the class at Tessuti in a few weeks. From left to right we have a double sided linen for the front, a metallic cotton fabric from a dud skirt for the back, and a bit of rockstar (bronze & black print) for the lining.

On my list I had the washed linen in a gold beige for a Simplicity 2443 jacket. The green floral is a wool blend that I found in the remnant bin. It has a lovely drape. Not sure what it will be. Any suggestions??

A jersey called Under Fire for another Vogue DKNY 1027.

And another remnant bin find, a hot pink knit which will become a Drape Drape dress of some description.

All together a super successful shopping trip with some good times thrown in.

L x


  1. What a visit! I was pooped after looking after you all :)

  2. It was a great afternoon - thanks for listing and linking everyone. You picked some beautiful fabrics, I really like the colours in the under fire jersey.

  3. Oh, why can't we sew and talk sewing all day! I do love the fabrics you bought - especially that under fire jersey! Very yummy. Looking forward to seeing the fabric become clothing!

  4. Well I am totally jealous of this meet-up! Looks like it was just one big fabulous party all day...from you newest Aussie sewer follower...

  5. It was a great day...although I did have a tiny headache the next morning...

  6. Is that Sarah Sew Squirrel??? Hello girl!!
    Wish I was there!

  7. It was a fantastic afternoon, it was great to meet you in the flesh Leith!

  8. You have great photos leith! It was nice to meet you!

  9. Looks like much fun and shopping was had!


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