June 16, 2012

Explore: Napoleon at NGV

Mr Sew Brunswick is in Canada for the week, working and hiking and hopefully avoiding bears... To keep me company my mum came down from sunny Queensland to visit. I am sure she is looking forward to a bit of peace and quiet after a week in my household.

High on our list for the week was a visit to the National Gallery of Victoria to see the Napoleon: Revolution to Empire exhibition. I highly recommend this exhibition. It is truly amazing. The audio tour is exceptional. We took it in turns to see the exhibition and mind the boys. They don't appreciate the art but they do enjoy the NGV Kids Space.  

After my turn in the exhibition and a picnic in the NGV gardens, I wandered over to Federation Square and the other part of the NGV whilst the boys napped in the pram. It was a beautiful winters day. 

A lot of people don't like winter in Melbourne. I think it might be my favourite season. For many, many reasons. Boots, jackets, leggings, football, gallery visits, museum exhibitions and hot coffee on a cold winters morning. Just to name a few!

PS. Clegs is having a half price remnant sale!! I got a few sneaky bargains on the way past.

L x


  1. Nice one - I didn't know there was a Napoleon exhibit on. Will definitely be checking it out :)

  2. I like winter on a crisp sunny day. Not so keen on winter in the fog though, like we have today...brrr damp and cold.

    The exhibition looks very interesting. Sadly our museum is closed for earthquake strengthening but it is one of our family's favourite haunts over the years.


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