June 13, 2012

Decorate: Paper Pattern Flowers

When I was in Perth a few months ago, I stumbled across an amazing stall at the Kick Start Youth Markets in Northbridge. Lauren from Little L was holding her first ever market day and her stall was jam packed with gorgeous goodies. I spotted these paper flowers made from paper sewing patterns and snatched them up. Lauren very kindly agreed to send them over to me in Melbourne.

When I opened the package, I found that Lauren had included a few extra goodies.

Check out these fantastic earrings!!

Thanks Lauren! If you like things like vintage books, paper patterns, buttons and postage stamps, check out Little L

In sewing news, there is not much happening around here at the moment. I have roped my Mum in to cutting out kids pants and I am procrastinating in sewing them up. What is everyone else sewing? Please give me some inspiration!!

L x

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  1. What a lovely parcel! Those flowers are ace. I can tell you what I'm not sewing... The Oliver & S Schooldays jacket for my little boy. I'm in a muddle about what size to make (how does one anticipate the growth spurts of a toddler??) and I've got the jitters up about cutting into my expensive wool fabric. Ugh! Sorry, no inspiration here.


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