April 16, 2012

Make: Lunch Bag

I take my lunch to work everyday. I even take my own coffee in a Thermos as I hate International Roast... I used to use a very old and sad looking Harrods bag that I bought in Hong Kong airport (of all places) way back in 2004. It was getting quite sad looking and a bit smelly, but I couldn't bring myself to part with it. Then it tore a hole in a new pair of tights (really good tights!!) and was thrown straight in the bin.

Enter my new swish lunch bag...

Project Details
Pattern: copied existing lunch bag (plus a bit extra width for my Tupperware & coffee Thermos)
Fabric: Laminated cotton - Garden, designed by Hokkoh - from Tomato Fabrics in Nippori, Tokyo

I cut two pieces for the main panels (40cm x 25cm) and sewed a seam at the bottom so the print would be the right way up on both sides of the bag. I then sewed two panels for the sides (32.5cm x 12.5cm) before turning the top over an inch and topstitching. The handles are an inch wide (37.5cm long) and I simply turned in 1cm on both long sides and topstitched both sides before stitching them to the bag with a cross pattern to secure. I've used a piece of thick plastic (cut down from a green supermarket bag) to line the bottom and give the bag some stability.

The laminated cotton was super easy to sew with. I used a normal stitch with a size 80 needle. My only problem was that I'd carried the fabric home from Japan folded which has left fold marks. I hope these disappear with time. It is best to store the laminated fabric rolled or hanging.

I adore the print on this fabric and think it is perfect for Autumn!

L x

PS. Do you like our new coat racks? We have two - one for adults and one for the kids. Perfect for hanging my Minoru and pink merino scarf!

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