March 18, 2012


I need help. I have this beautiful Liberty Tatum fabric and can't decide what to make with it. I originally bought it for a Peony dress but since seeing Simplicity 2215 over on Idle Fancy I am torn...

What do you think? With a little red cardi and belt... Which is perfect for Autumn???

L x


  1. Definately the Simplicity pattern. I have that pattern but havent made it up yet, just waiting for the right inspiration to come along.

  2. I also think the Simplicity pattern. It would be so cute.

  3. I agree too the simplicity would be perfect, it is a mix of vintage and modern and would look great with the red cardi. I think the peony just looks old fashioned.

  4. Thanks ladies! Excellent choice. I was gravitating towards that one but needed confirmation. Watch this space!!


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