March 01, 2012

Autumn Wardrobe 2012

Gosh, is it Autumn already?!

I know the sewing bloggers in the Northern Hemisphere are starting work on their Spring Wardrobes and Spring Palettes but down here in Australia we are heading in to Autumn (aka Fall). I have been thinking of my Autumn/Winter wardrobe and have decided to be organised this year!

This is the first winter for quite some time that I am not pregnant, breastfeeding or carrying two children around. I know it is not that long but long enough that I need a wardrobe revamp.

I am working on a wardrobe of 5 colours: Cherry Red, Soft Orange, Warm Yellow, Charcoal & Off White. Plus a little black and maybe a touch of royal blue/navy...

Check out my colour palette that I put together with ColourLovers. It reminds me of the Fall Palette put together by Sarai over at Colette Patterns.

My list includes a cape, another Minoru, a few Renfrews, cord skirts, navy & black Clovers, black & white polka dot blouse (already complete!) and a full skirt. First, I am working on the basics. Then I will add in the colours.

Check back soon for a pictorial list of my fabric choices and patterns.

Happy Autumn everyone!

L x


  1. I love your color palette! I've been turning my mind lately to Autumn wardrobe but it's still so hot here. Have you got a cape pattern in mind?

  2. Nice colour choices! Must do some wardrobe planning myself.

  3. Great idea Leith! I'm planning winter sewing for my girls and myself now too.

    1. My planning for the boys involves about 12 metres of cord and 20 pairs of pants using the same pattern! Poor H will just get N's hand-me-downs just shortened...


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